The Highway One Travel Companion - 5: QLD Border to Childers
Series: Highway One Travel Companion, Book 6. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 10,700. Language: Australian English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Nonfiction » Travel » Road travel
Looking to do more than get from A to B on your Aussie road trip? At over 14,500km, Australia's Highway One is the world's longest national highway and one of the GREAT road trip adventures. In the famous tradition of great Route 66 road trips, travel with the Highway One Travel Companion and its unique "red route" system to see all the best attractions this unforgettable drive has to offer.
una luna de la cosecha
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 2,920. Language: Spanish. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Fiction » Romance » Historical
La mayoría de edad, un niño que mira a una chica bailando en la luna y que cambia las vidas de los dos ...
An Enemy of the State
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 105,940. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » General
The LaNague Federation Series — Book One Winner of the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award – idea-centered science fiction from F. Paul Wilson. AN ENEMY OF THE STATE is the heart and the cradle of the LaNague series. It is the story of the apocalyptic birth of the LaNague Federation. "...both a philosophical tale and an action yarn, and the two are integrated naturally and well. Read it." Analog
The Devil's Lullaby: The Ringer's Masquerade, Book 1
Price: $5.49 USD. Words: 81,290. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012 by Lycaon Press. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
Sebastian’s haunting gaze penetrated my very being, revealing my secrets, fears, and desires. My name rolled off his tongue, tempting me to take exactly what I hungered for. His world was laced with inconvenient truths; mine was saturated with sweet, beautiful lies. Sebastian promised me nothing of a happy ending.
Wise Guy
Price: $5.00 USD. Words: 34,090. Language: British English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Fiction » Literature » Literary
a modern fable set in the exciting world of international life coaching - transformational!
The 7 Laws of Permanent Weight Loss Success
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 21,800. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » healthy living
The 7 Laws of Permanent Weight Loss Success contains the essential principles for achieving rapid weight loss that lasts a life time. In this guide you will learn all the facts and none of the fiction to allow you to easily lose weight and keep it off permanently. Packed with simple strategies that allow little changes to amount to massive improvements in how you look and feel quickly and forever.
Succeed at Spanish: Master Those Regular Verbs!
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 19,120. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Nonfiction » Language Instruction » Spanish
(5.00 from 1 review)
Verbs can be tough! The aim of this book is to make the use of regular Spanish verbs as easy and as intuitive as possible in everyday conversation. This ebook provides short to medium-length sentences for beginners/improvers and longer, more complex sentences for intermediate/advanced Spanish speakers.
The Storms of Sandy Beach "Footprints to Absolution"
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 86,720. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012 by Brighton Publishing LLC. Category: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Crime thriller
As the worst hurricane in decades approaches the small island community of Sandy Beach, the closely-knit residents prepare for the worst. The fury of the storm ravages the island and provides one resident with the perfect opportunity for murder. Deception, betrayal, and revenge follow closely behind. As the lives of those families are forever affected, the gift of faith ultimately prevails.
Infinite Realities
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 92,790. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Nonfiction » New Age » Mysticism
One day......“Everything that exists has intelligence; all is energy; there are no limitations, no restrictions, no immutable laws. Period!!” These words, which I saw in my mind during meditation, were the seeds from which this book took root, and grew, and grew. I began writing.
The Days of Magic
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 93,510. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
The Days of Magic explores the world of fantasy in a way that shows how the unlikeliest of people can change the world remarkably. The journey of a young boy carries the reader through gripping adventures that will ignite imagination and instigate questions about how close our own world can be to that of myth and legend.
Make Endless Money Online The Simple Way
Price: $5.00 USD. Words: 870. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Marketing
A simple guide for dummies on how to make money online. Anyone can do this because I was able to do this and if someone like me can do this then anyone else can too! You don't need to be a genius because it doesn't even require too much thinking. All it takes is action and the will to get it done!
The Disappearance of Douglas White: A Sally Nimitz Mystery (Book 2)
Series: The Sally Nimitz Mystery, Book 2. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 94,910. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012 by Elderberry Press, Inc.. Category: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Women Sleuths
(5.00 from 5 reviews)
Detective David White needs Sally's help to find his missing brother. Has Douglas White disappeared deliberately? Or is skullduggery afoot? Her friends—and fellow amateur sleuths—George Thomas and Anne Carey, are only too happy to join in the investigation, and soon they find themselves far from home in a very precarious situation.    
The Adventures of Super Emily
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 6,130. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Fiction » Children’s books » Action & Adventure / Survival Stories
These stories are fiction. I do have a granddaughter named Emily who inspired them and if there were a young girl with super powers, it would be Emily. Just the name exudes power. You don’t have to be eight-years-old to enjoy a book about an eight-year-old. Parents, aunts, uncles, everyone, dig in and enjoy these adventures. If you and your Emily enjoy them at the same time so much the better.
Opening Night of the Dead
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 82,150. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Fiction » Horror » Undead
The Climax Studios Festival of Fear is a Halloween tradition, but with monsters roaming the theme park and a monster movie filming on the adjacent film lot, what hell will break loose when a real zombie surfaces and starts biting?
Gordon Setter Puppy & Dog Behavior Understanding and Training Book
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 23,730. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Pets & livestock
Learn how to have fun training and understanding your Gordon Setter with these fun tips and tricks! 1. The Characteristics of a Gordon Setter Puppy and Dog 2. What You Should Know About Puppy Teeth 3. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Gordon Setter Puppy
The Sinner's Book of Lies
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 47,780. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / General
This is a book to remind us what poor examples of humanity we all are. It is a book about our own shame. It’s about the lies we tell ourselves to justify the immoral things we do. And, it's funny! BEWARE: THIS BOOK COULD SERIOUSLY IMPROVE YOUR MORALITY.
Shannon - A Chinatown Adventure, San Francisco 1880
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 11,160. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Fiction » Children’s books » Biographical / Other
Shannon - A Chinatown Adventure, San Francisco 1880 At last! The long journey from Ireland and across the entire United States is over, and Shannon and her mother and younger brothers have joined her father in San Francisco. Everything is strange and unfamiliar to Shannon, and her parents tell her she must learn to accept the different ways of her new home.
Delusions (Book Two In The Affinity Series)
Price: $3.49 USD. Words: 107,570. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
(4.14 from 7 reviews)
Can Fate be wrong? When all signs point to a certain someone, do you just blindly follow? What if that person turns out to be someone you hate? Could Destiny be so cruel? Lisa Miller is busy with family, work, friends and…revenge. Her last summer in high school should be spent, having fun. But ever since Logan Tate played a prank on her,she spends all of her free time trying to get even.
Death Inception
Series: The Death, Book 3. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 23,830. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Horror
Kyle Ulysses Hart and his team of scientists mapped the human genome in the year 2010. As Brain Impulse Technology came online, so did the long arm of the United States government. A covert, military-driven regime was born with genetic manipulation the key to future widespread control. Clyde and Caleb's lives are predestined to intertwine as they cross paths, his history becoming Caleb's future.
Price: Free! Words: 20,660. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
(4.00 from 1 review)
A collection of five short stories, 'Snapshots' lets us discover brief and sometimes even magical moments in different lives. Courage and love, hope and despair - everything life is made of. The stories included are: # Braving The Storm # Try The Door, John # Despairing Hope # Live # The Glass In Between - Or The Wonderful Freedom Of Delivering Pizzas. BONUS Excerpts from The Patroness Novels