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"Oh Man", who is Old MAN
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"Oh man", I just broke my phone, “Oh MAN"...But who is this “old man". Muslims say " Ya Allah ", the "ya", you guested, means "oh" or rather something close to that; therefore " Ya Allah " would mean” Oh God.” BUT, who or what is "oh man" referring to, and perhaps more importantly, why? Why do we see a need to have an expression like this?
Answering the Jehovah's Witnesses:
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I did not intend to study the Bible for the sake of criticism, nor for the express purpose of finding faults in it. But the “challenge” of the “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and other Christian Sects and Denominations moved me to have an in depth study and research of the Bible to see whether it does not as they say, “Contradict itself”?
Doamna unui vis
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'Doamna unui vis', o culegere de poezii și ilustrații dedicată iubirii și speranței!
50 poemas y el resurgir de una poesía
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"¿Qué es la felicidad?", y aún más importante, "¿qué me hace feliz?" En este libro el autor responde a esta enigmática pregunta. ¿Cómo? Buscando la felicidad desde todo cuanto pueda sentirse. En esta obra literaria, Alejandro Linde Margallo consigue revivir la esencia pura de la poesía, y devolver al mundo la figura de "el poeta, la tinta y el alma" de la que en los últimos años se le ha privado
Facts About Fiction
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Essays about creative writing, criticism and literary theories.
Nasreddin Hodja 2
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All nations from west to east love our well-known folk philosopher and great genius of Turkish joke. Everybody adores the beautiful jokes of this great folk philosopher which maintain their actuality in all ages. The historical sources state that Nasreddin Hodja was born in Hortu village of Sivrihisar district of today's Eskişehir in 1206. Rumor has it that he conducted his primary
Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi
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Mevlana Celaleddin RUMİ The discipline of Mevlevi Order was established by Mevlevi’s son Sultan Veled, his disciple Chalabi Husameddin, and his grandson Ulu Arif Chalabi in order to pass on his teachings to future generations. Ever since then, the “order” has been presided over by a Makam Chalabi (Chief Master) elected from among Mevlana’s offspring.
The Infinite Character of King Arthur: His History and Legend, His Camelot and Avalon
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Despite all the efforts that exhausted the search for Arthur through the centuries, he has managed to escape history. Since not only is there lack of evidence to support who he really was, can there be proof of his actual existence?There is some reference to Arthur through archaeology, myths and recorded history, however, there are many inconsistencies throughout them all. Disentangling the truth
Collected Poems...& Philosophical Essays
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Fifteen heartfelt poems and several essays/reflections on profound philosophical life and controversial issues: Images of Public Servitude, Land Rights for Gay Whales, and Lost in (Third) Space [How I Lost My Ethnic Identity].
Specii narative în perioada pașoptistă
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Paul Ϲοrnеa în Οamеnіі înϲеputuluі dе drum dеfіnеştе tеrmеnul dе paşοptіsm, ехplіϲând ϲă „în aϲϲеpţіunеa ϲеa maі gеnеrală tеrmеnul dе „paşοptіsm” е aplіϲat mіşϲărіі ϲultural-pοlіtіϲе ϲarе іa naştеrе după răsϲοala luі Tudοr Vladіmіrеsϲu, sе manіfеstă sub ο fοrmă ϲοnştіеntă dе sіnе la „Daϲіa lіtеrară” (1840) şі „Prοpăşіrеa” (1844) , arе rеpеrϲursіunі în tοatе ϲοmpartіmеntеlе dе aϲtіvіtatе spіrіtuală
Jaluzele Trase
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Este o carte care se bazeaza pe fapte reale , intr-o familie obisnuita in care dragostea adevarata care si-au purtato sotii la inceput cu timpul dispare si apare gelozia si multe secrete care intr-un final ajung la sfarsit.
Modernitatea romanelor lui Camil Petrescu
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Μiza modеrniѕmului е, în рrimul rând, autеnticitatеa, conѕonanța dintrе tеxtul litеrar și еmoția еѕtеtică. Еvidеnt, еlеmеntul novator е рrinciрiul fundamеntal al modеrniѕmului, chiar dacă raрortarеa ѕa la tradițiе trеbuiе mеrеu rеfacută, în ѕеnѕul că modеrniѕmul ѕе еxрrimă ре ѕinе în tеrmеni dе oрozitiе față dе acеaѕta.
Personajul principal în romanele lui Camil Petrescu
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Romanele lui Camil Petrescu au reprezentat dintotdeauna un interes deosebit pentru criticii literari români, îndeosebi pentru tehnicile folosite de scriitorul roman în redactarea romanului, tehnici ce au avut un rol esențial în dezvoltarea și modernizarea romanului românesc. Cum ne este deja cunoscut, cel care a constituit un izvor de inspirație pentru scriitorul român este Marcel Proust, fondat
Mahalaua Sîrbească din Tîrgoviște-studiu de caz etnologic
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Mahalaua reprezintă atât din punct de vedere geografic, cât și social, un spațiu limitrof, dincolo de granițele și normele societății. Este un spațiu de tranzit, între vechi și nou, deoarece îmbină elemente ale ruralului, cu cele ale urbanului.
ऑर्फिअस, जी ए आणि मी
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जी ए कुलकर्णींच्या ऑर्फिअस कथेचे माझे आकलन
红色巨谍俞强声出走的前夜 On the Eve of the Great Spy Yu Qiangsheng's Escape
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Yu Qiangsheng, whose information helped the United States arrest Larry Wu-tai Chin as CCP's spy for more than forty years in 1985, also disclosed French diplomat Bernard Boursicot's identity as a spy for CCP. Yu Qiangsheng's escape has been a hot issue in both the U.S. and China, among the official and civic communities alike. Yet his experience before the escape is rarely known to the public.
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Teodora, Malcolm and Nate go to a rugby match in the middle of winter.
From the Gutenberg Galaxy to the Googletenberg Universe
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We can not only emphasize Gutenberg’s merits as a process manager, but also his skills as a businessman, a man of ideas and an organizer who gives definite orders, but does not participate in manual labour. Now he appears before our eyes as a widely successful businessman who published and sold the Bible. Gutenberg was outstandingly efficient software manager, the first technological entrepreneur.
Everyone Leaves Behind a Name: True Stories
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Michael Brick is one of those writers who never leaves your side, and what pleasurable company he provides.In reading this collection of his newspaper and magazine stories from Brooklyn, Houston, and beyond, Brick brings his characters to life, and brings them along with him to the party. Brick brings his characters to life, and brings them along with him to the party.
Пятое Евангелие
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Пятое Евангелие – это доказательство, что последовательность событий после Воскресения описывает сам процесс Воскресения.