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How To Controlling Your Boss Completely (Used By Professionals )
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Controlling Human Behavior Become True..With 95% Success. Its Absolutely True Mind Roles And Used By Professionals . It's The Choice...To The Art Of Success.
Desahuciados, La familia debe ser protegida.
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La Familia debe ser protegida y la sociedad debe ser liberada de los efectos del Desahucio.
Why Clashes of civilization??
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To create terror of “clashes of civilization” is the most common weapon of rulers to achieve more power and more control. They are highlighting the issue of clashes of civilization which is not exist. Actually it is not clashes of civilization it is clashes of resources
The Congruent Nature of Other Minds
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A philosophical discussion regarding the nature of solipsism, the complications surrounding sharing reality and knowledge with other beings, and how Philosopher and Psychologist William James addresses these concerns in both his philosophy of Radical Empiricism and his Pragmatic Method.
Girls' Aggression and Child Welfare Social Work: Assessment and Intervention A series of 13 blogs
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The goals of work with young people with aggressive behaviors are to stop the aggression and foster prosocial behaviors through building relationships of trust. Through trusting relationships, young people develop compassion for self and others. These principles underlie effective interventions. This series of blogs provides guidelines for compassion-based interventions.
O gramatică a Exilului [în două limbi „străine”]
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”Dacă eşti cumva exilat, va veni pentru tine un moment de muţenie şi simţ acut al nimicniciei. Vei avea impresia că tot ce se poate spune despre exil a fost deja rostit, scris, filmat, pictat, jucat pe scenă, mereu de alţii, mereu pe pielea ta. De fapt, nu ai vreun motiv convingător să spui ceva, dar cu atât mai puţin ai vreun motiv să taci.
Águilas de Luz - El Sendero del Despertar Divino
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Construimos el sendero trabajando en nuestro laboratorio secreto, particular y privado. Tenemos el deber de la auto-realización intima del Ser. Somos águilas de luz volando hacia nuestra propia divinidad.
Ainsi parla Biggie Smalls - Le petit livre de la sagesse du hood
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Collection de paroles de sagesses , Ainsi parla Biggie Smalls nous ouvre la porte de la sagesse des bas quartiers. Dépassant le cadre de l’environnement qui l'a fait naître pour tendre vers une sagesse universelle, ce livre offre de façon concise et imagée quelques leçons de vie aux hommes de l'ère moderne, avides de méthodes de développement personnel.
In-Sight: Opening the Eyes Within
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A channeled text exploring the human consciousness on a cultural and societal scale, as well as bringing mediations and tools to access the power of self and self-realization.
Tribe All
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"Tribe All" address the aspect of sharing the human experience, the totality of human species as a whole, and the purpose of our lives and our individual and collective power to take responsibility in our choices for our life and global experience, the "human conscious collective"
#Hashtag, You're It!: Instagram as a Platform for Expression, Learning, Growth and Community
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How to use Instagram as a tool and social platform for positive change, while understanding how we use the App shares information about us.
Los Niños Migrantes de Guatemala
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Este ensayo muestra el sufrimiento, penurias, humillaciones, salvajismos, secuestros, extorsiones y descuartizamientos que sufren los niños de Centro América cuando cruzan el territorio mexicano en su ruta hacia los Estados Unidos.
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Time and time again, as war drums start to be pounded, “Overcompensation” cranks up to a fever pitch. For some, war is a racket which pays off very nicely. This is "Overcompensation".
Social Relationships with Autism
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Social relationships involve so much more than just practicing good social skills. Adaptive social skills or adaptive living skills are simple for people with high-functioning autism but what is extremely challenging for folks who are mid to high functioning on the autism spectrum is understanding social thinking. Social thinking involves understanding body language, and reading a person's face.
The Rise of the American Teenager
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This award-winning essay discusses the social foundations of “teenage” history, and how it was different to be a “teenager” across history. Moreover, this in-depth study will help explain current social phenomena from legal emancipation from a parent to the birth of the “tweener” or pre-teen subcultural notion.
Social Constructivism and Christianity: A Disturbingly Short Guide to Everything
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This short essay addresses the intersection between social constructivism and biblical Christianity. Includes consideration of the implications of this interaction for the development of intercultural competence among followers of Jesus. The primary audience is North American, though others may find the considerations herein to be useful and applicable to their context.
Thinking In-side the BOX
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After more that 10 long, hard, endless hours of uncertainty, misdirection, misconception and often misleading hours spent on trying to find my-self, I finally realized that I already had my-self the whole time. Some say "Think outside of the box", not so bad really; however, I say think "I SIDE THE BOX".
Democracia Agónica
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La democracia concebida por Platón en su República estaba configurada para la élite y a favor de la aristocracia. Con el paso de los siglos se pensó en una democracia en la que el pueblo gobernaba para el pueblo. Pero no cabemos todos en el Palacio Legislativo, por eso enviamos a nuestros representantes para que luchen por nosotros.
From Don Juan to Sexual Vampirism
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From Don Juan to Sexual Vampirism, it is an essay on the amorous behavior of two types of people: Don Juan and sexual vampire.
Sobre la discriminación social en México en población adolescente. Políticas públicas y análisis psicosocial.
Price: Free! Words: 13,270. Language: Spanish. Published: August 26, 2015 by Editorial Fanguye. Categories: Essay » Sociology
Compilación de dos articulos del Dr. Marco Antonio González Pérez sobre la discriminación población adolescente de México.