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The Eagle Has Crashed
By Ted Lacksonen
Price: $6.99 USD. Words: 110,910. Language: English. Published: October 14, 2011. Category: Fiction
The Eagle Has Crashed is the story of the day when America’s national debt leads to an economic collapse, and the anger that erupts at policy makers for causing a disaster.
The Case for Equality
By Andy Marlow
Price: Free! Words: 1,560. Language: English. Published: October 27, 2011. Category: Essay
Occupy Wall Street, Occupy London and the global movement they have inspired are clear in what they are against, but nobody quite knows what they are for- not even the protestors themselves. In this short essay drawing on the economic ideas of recent researchers, the author makes the case for a restructuring of society to make it more equal, which he suggests should be their goal.
The 29th Day: Changing Our Future
By George Berry
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 148,330. Language: English. Published: November 6, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
In the 21st century, for the first time in history, the rate of change in our world is accelerating visibly. Problems are becoming crises too quickly; solutions are being implemented too slowly. It is frightening and angering us. This book explains what has happened and how we can develop and use individual personal power to take back control of our future.
Money while you sleep! - and other ideas about wealth
By Bakari Akil II, Ph.D.
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 20,990. Language: English. Published: November 19, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
Accumulating wealth isn't a 1-2-3 procedure, it's a process. Unless you win the lottery or are a trust fund baby (and oh, I wish I were one of the two), acquiring money takes a multi-faceted approach. Furthermore, it requires a mindset and that is what this book is about. This book is a collection of tried and true rules about becoming rich that can help you in your journey to acquire wealth.
Life's Secrets: Keys to Success - a Coaching Model
By B Urban Lombard
Series: BUL'S BOOKS, Book 1. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 125,150. Language: English. Published: December 2, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
This is a story about and an account of great Achievers’ lives, the wonders of nature and the universe, which is packed with scientific facts, real life lessons, practical guidelines on the do’s and don’ts of life and the hidden spiritual powers that are ingeniously interwoven with the human ethos that are vital to your life.
Great American Myths
By R.G. Belie, PhD
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 41,080. Language: English. Published: December 5, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
Great American Myths is a must read for Americans who have been systematically conditioned to believe lie after lie, myth after myth, many against their own self interest. The book briefly explores human perception and how it is used to manipulate and misdirect, then provides a common sense discussion of some of the prevalent myths impacting America today.
From the Ground Up: The Life and Times of Jack F. Hooper
By Debra Salonen
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 53,860. Language: English. Published: December 6, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
Pilot, cowboy, Ph.D., Jack Hooper has worn many hats over the course of his seventy-five years, but, always, at the heart of his endeavors was a deep abiding love of the land and the historic home he and his late wife saved from destruction to turn into Merced, California's premiere Bed and Breakfast.
Lingam Massage: A Safe Sex, Anti-War, and Economic Recovery Tool
By P.C. Anders
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 3,200. Language: English. Published: December 14, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
Why do men need lingam or penis massages? To awaken their Inner Clitorises, and because “men keep a lot of their stress in their pelvic area,” say the experts. Which leads the author to propose a grand plan in which universal lingam and yoni massages lead to safe sex, peace, and global economic recovery. This is a book of humor and satire meant as a gift to make people laugh.
The Wealth of the People: The Wealth of the Business Enterprise
By Fernando Urias
Series: The Wealth of the People, Book 4. Price: Free! Words: 12,400. Language: English. Published: December 15, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
This is the fourth book of the "Wealth of the People" series. The book assumes that there is sufficient social capital in a society to allow for the existence of business enterprises that become the suppliers of the market. The business enterprises are shown to be an integral part of the survival and enrichment process of the people.
Eurekanomics - for 99% of us
By Jim Osburn
Price: Free! Words: 2,800. Language: English. Published: December 16, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
Here is how to break the power of wealth without eliminating wealth itself. It is a place for our revolution to go without violence and bloodshed.