Fire with Fire (Demonblood Series #2)

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Book #2 in the Demonblood Series.

It's been over two months since the day Lucky and Liora decided their fate outside the cave. Over two months since Kieron left to finish his mission.

So why hasn't he returned? More

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Words: 69,980
Language: English
ISBN: 9781465812643
About Penelope King

Penelope King is a native Californian who now lives in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina. She says "y'all" more often than she'd like, eats more fried food than is probably healthy, and still hasn't gotten used to the scary thunderstorms that seem to appear from out of nowhere.

When she's not writing novels, she enjoys swimming, kayaking at the river, doing yoga and cycling, or watching a reality cooking show. She can BBQ better than most men, and if she had to marry a food it would probably be pizza, but she'd cheat on it with sushi.

She is the author of several bestselling young adult novels, including the "DemonBlood Series" and the "Spellbound Trilogy"

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Review by: Marian LOL on July 29, 2012 :
This is another blow by blow review of the second book in the Demonblood series, Fire with Fire by Penelope King.

First Few Chapters:

Uh-huh. I'm just wondering... where is the friggin' war?! I just thought it would all go haywire from there. But heck, it's still Sappie moments.

Next Few Chapters:

Oh what the?? Can you please get lost Tristan? What is with Liora being so... human, making goo-goo eyes at this weird stranger? Dude, where did Kieron run off to? He's got to get back here. Now.

And man, I really have a bad feeling about this Tristan guy. Sure he's cool and all, but there's something weird about him. (Scars? Ring any bells?)

And I'm worried about Tatiana. Please, please don't let her die. *fingerscrossed*

Middle Chapters:

I knew it!

Tristan isn't just a creep. (view spoiler) Loves Liora, my ass.

I am biting my nails as I'm waiting for the war(WHERE ARE YOU, WAR?), which I shouldn't, because someone told me it's a sign of being insecure(biting nails, not waiting for war), but whatever.

Huh, so much for her plan.

Lucky, you idiot. I knew there was something weird about that Gyan insisting he come, but who would've thought he'd do that? Ugh, I am nothing but frustrated at Lucky's stupid stupidity.

Nearing the End:

What just happened?

Can I go strangle Kieron? What in the world was he trying to pull?

Oh man, I never would've thought I'd take a liking to Bones but after what that lying treacherous demon Kieron did, I want to kiss Bones. (I am not being a Sappie, just proving a point.)

ALMOST to the End:

Oh God, why?

I know I haven't really liked Bones that much. But even though I'm glad Kieron wasn't a lying treacherous demon, crushed wouldn't even cover what I felt when Bones had gone POOF! into thin air.
(Man, what was the deal with that Abbaton guy? Angry much?)

Now I'm really sure Tristan is what I thought he is at first. And Tatiana is one cool old lady. I would never have thought she'd be able to do that.

Now I'm really crying about Bones.
And about Liora/Lucky leaving Tatiana.

Talk about being such a Sappie
But having Corrine come with them is the best thing about Liora.


The verdict:

I didn't like how Lucky is so... stupid and human although I'd be lying if I don't say Liora has had her share of demonness in this book. In a way, it showed sides of both of them that you wouldn't notice in normal circumstances.

And then the promise of a war... well, it really disappointed me a bit. I am a person who likes a lot more action after all, so others might not feel like I do.

And it's a relief to find that Tatiana didn't die, though I'm thinking it would be equally cool if she did. (I mean, it is a rather good twist, but you should know it's just me being me.)

All in all, it didn't quite give me the impression as the first one, but nonetheless, it is a befitting one for a second book. Action building up, allies dying, new probable enemies stirring, the works.

The writing is real and plausible, as is the characters' reactions. The plot did the story justice. And I would say it is an interesting read that moves forward.

And whoopdeedoo! Talk about having a new life. *winks*

This much I could say:
What happens now?

Who knows? But if lightning struck me if I read the next book, I'll say, Bring it.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Karen Siddall on July 27, 2012 : (no rating)
I LOVED Fire with Fire this 2nd book in Penelope King’s Demonblood series and look forward to the further adventures of Liora/Lucky, Kieran, and Corinne.

Definitely not a standalone novel, volume 1, A Demon Made Me Do It, is a “must-read” before diving into this newest part of the story. Previous action is not re-hashed to bring a new reader up to the mark.

In this volume we get more information about the all-knowing and mysterious guardian, Tatiana. We get to spend some quality time with the delicious incubus/hellhound known as Bones. We meet more of the wonderful inhabitants of the dark world, Dryndara. And meet more evil beings - both supernatural and human.

The author slowly introduces us to and builds up the world of demonkind while the previous book gave us more detail on Liora’s human setting. King has successfully developed 2 distinct and interesting personalities for the main character(s): Liora – the human and Lucky – the demion.

As I said before, I can’t wait for Book 3!
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Martha Campos on July 11, 2012 :
Kieron hasn't returned. Lucky & Liora are both worried and kind of mad thinking that he's abandoned them. In walks a new guy who just seems to be enchanting to Liora. Meanwhile, Bones is there for Lucky.

I really enjoyed 'Fire with Fire' Lucky and Bones seem to still be my favorite characters. With their funny sarcastic tendencies. All the characters are still as sizzingly hot as they were in 'A Demon Made Me Do It'. Lucky I worried about because I felt like I was losing ho she was during the first book (that kick bum, in your face, kind of she-demon) but I think I understand why she was in a way fading away *cough cough* Bones. Now Bones I wouldn't mind one single bit if he was real. ;) The end had me making this face ---> :O and I almost cried a little bit too!

If it's not one thing with Lucky it's another thing with Liora. They may be one person temporarily (or maybe not, we'll have to see) split into two personalities but we still see both causing/up to mischief whether it's consciously done or not.

There were one part that confused me. When Liora is under Tristan's spell for one because it sort of seemed a bit rushed. One minute she is normal (or at least as normal as Liora/Lucky can be) and the next she's under his spell. Other then that, I had no problems whatsoever with the way the story played out. Handful of adventure, add in a weird web of romance, some demons, hellhounds, and angels and BAM! you have the awesome book that is 'Fire with Fire'.

The end! No I mean the end of the book!! I love when authors give little subtle hints about what is to come and there certainly were a few hints thrown in and now I'm sooooooo anxious to see the other characters reactions to the news and everything!! Penelope please hurry!!

Overall I am very happy with the sequel! Recommended for 18+!
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Heather Boustead on June 26, 2012 :
Fire with Fire
Book Two of the Demonblood Series
By Penelope King

Lucky by night and Liora by day the two fell madly in love with Kieron each for their own reasons. It has been two weeks since Lucky and Liora let him take the ones responsible for their half selves, Kieron was supposed to deliver them for his freedom and return to Lucky and Liora so why hasn’t he come back yet? As time continues to pass and Kieron still has not returned Liora finds herself becoming closer to Tristan, a new student who makes her feel happy and safe which is what she needs right now. Lucky however, finds herself growing closer to her oldest and dearest friend Bones. What will happen when they find out the real reason behind Kieron’s disappearance?

Once again Penelope King writes a fantastic book this one is a bit mature yet still young adult based. The author managed to bring to life a beautiful story, I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between Bones and Lucky it was sweet which is unexpected between two demons. Then you have the story progression which was interesting and immensely moving as the author manages to write not one but two heart wrenching love stories. If you have read her other novels you may find it fun that Penelope King also intertwines her other series with this one subtlety yet in an interesting manner. I can’t wait to see what Penelope King comes up with next she definitely ended this book with an unexpected twist making sure that you will want more from this series.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: mdlagarland on June 24, 2012 :
Wow! Just…! Penelope King did it again! This story is just amazing. As soon as I started reading this story, I couldn’t put it down. It was a real page-turner for me.

Young Adult is not a genre that generally appeals to me, but this series is unbelievable and I can’t wait to read the rest of them. I have to know what happens next. This series is a bit edgier than most Young Adult novels that I’ve read. I think that’s one of the reasons it appeals to me so much, on top of the fantastic writing! Liora/Lucky, Bones, and Kieron all are fascinating characters that really appeal to me. They all have their flaws and love each other in spite of them.

I found myself cheering them on as they fought through their battles, emotional battles as well as physical battles. I also found myself crying for Liora/Lucky as she hit her most despondent moments. I also found myself crying at the loss of a beloved character, even if I do understand the reason for it. I don’t like it, but I understand it. I only hope he comes back to us in a later book.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. I’m very curious to see what lies in their future. I am also very curious to see what Corinne’s role in all of this becomes. She’s been a periphery character up until now and I hope we see more from her in later books.

Unfortunately for now, I have to wait until the third book comes out. I’m eagerly awaiting it’s release!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Lilly Jean on June 17, 2012 : (no rating)
I love finding a good book series, and this is DEFINITELY a great one! From page one I was so glad to see what my "old friends" were up to. I liked this book even better than the first in the series: "A Demon made me do it". So many delicious twists and turns I couldn't stop reading it. And just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, Bam! Something totally different happened. I cannot wait to read the next book!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Rebecca Spencer on June 08, 2012 :
Liara & Lucky return in the second installment of the Demonblood YA series by Penelope King. Set two months after the close of A Demon Made Me Do It, Kieron, the love interest from the previous book, has disappeared and two new students, blonde siblings Tristan and Casandra have started going to Liara’s small town school. They are very rich, visibly scarred and very suspect. Meanwhile, in Lucky's world, a vicious attack on the Demon Bar she frequents followed by some unexpected news leads Lucky to start planning an offensive.

It’s difficult to empathise with Liora at first, as she is quite weak and introverted, but through her various relationships and interactions with others, she becomes more sympathetic and likeable as the story progresses. I found this echoed the first book in the series. Once the story gets going properly, the two different narratives work really well together. There is also more crossover between the two different worlds that Lucky & Liara inhabit.

Like the first book in the series, the story is again action-packed, with the main characters wheeling from one crazy situation to another. The way in which King describes the fight scenes is excellent, I was really drawn in. As events come to a head towards the end of the novel, all kinds of ridiculous things start happening, but the thread of the plot is never lost. It was fully immersive, and a definite progression from the first book in the series. A well deserved 4 stars. :)
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Gloria Rozanne on June 07, 2012 :
Fire with Fire is the second book in the Demonblood Series. Having read and liked the first book I was happy to read the second as well.

The book starts after two months of where the last book ended. Keiron is out on a mission and hasn't returned yet nor has he communicated with Liora or Lucky. Liora is doubtful that Keiron will ever return to her. So when there's a new guy who shows some interest in her she can't help but return his affections. Lucky on the other hand is sure there is something wrong. She thinks that Keiron might be in some kind of trouble and is desperately in need of her help. And she might be right too.

The second book in the series goes deeper into Bones and Lucky's relationship. We come to know more about Bones past and what he means to Lucky. Tatiana's secrets are also revealed and some more about her past too!

I loved the ending. And cannot wait for the next book in the series!

There are some secrets that are better left unknown and some truths that shouldn't ever be told. Blood will be shed. Friends will be betrayed. Enemies will be unleashed. Dark secrets will be revealed. Love will blossom. Friendships will be tested.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Angie Lenkevich on June 06, 2012 :
Liora is half human and Lucky is half demion. Both Liora and Lucky miss Kieron since he's been gone. Lucky's best friend Bones, a hellhound and incubus, tries to help Lucky with her feelings. The demon bar is attacked Bones and Lucky barely escape with their lives. Bones learns that Kieron has been kidnapped and tortured in Hlfaba lands. Liora is taking an interest in a new boy named Tristian at school. He seems to help Liora forget about Kieron for just a little while. Tristian and his sister Cassandra are not who they appear to be. Tatiana is deeply worried about Liora/Lucky. Tatiana doesn't appear to be herself lately much to Liora/Lucky's dismay. Lucky hatches a plan to rescue Kieron from Hlfaba lands which Bones reluctantly agrees to help her. Liora's attraction to Tristian begins to wain. Liora becomes concerned about Corinne not being at school. Corinne tells Liora that she thinks Liora is fading or disappearing before her eyes. But Liora tells Corinne that just isn't possible or is it. Lucky tells Bones about her feelings for him and finds out he feels the same way. The rescue does not go as planned Lucky and company are captured. Lucky is banished from Thiberoux along with Kieron. What does Tristian and Cassandra want? What about Bones? What happens with Liora/Lucky and Kieron? What happens with Corinne? What's next for Liora/Lucky? Your answers await you in Fire With Fire.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Brooke DelVecchio on June 06, 2012 :
I just love these books! Review to come in a bit...
I was fortunate enough to receive the second book of this series as part of a Read and Review for my Shut Up and Read group. And I'm so glad I decided to participate!
So, I loved this book just as much as the first one. It kept me turning the pages and not wanting to put it down. I love when a book can do this: capture your attention so much that you really just need to find out what happens next.
This book is a great mix of action, adventure and romance.
Once again we see the world from both Liora's (human) and Lucky's (demon) POVs. In this sequel to A Demon Made Me Do It (Demonblood #1) Liora/Lucky are on a quest to find Kieron, who has disappeared. At first, both believe he has left because he did not love them, but it turns out he was captured by the enemy. And this enemy has it out for Liora/Lucky. So she, along with her best friend Bones and a few other Hell Hounds, make their way to find him. We also meet some new characters in Tristin, who Liora falls for but can't understand why when she knows she still loves Kieron, and his sister Cassie, who dislikes Liora from the start. Eventually it is revealed that Tristin and his gang are anything but human and want nothing more than to destroy Liora and her demon side.
This book draws you in right away. It's so great to be able to really see the difference between Liora and Lucky. And it's amazing the way King can actually keep them separated and believable.
Unfortunately, we lose one of the characteres I love the most, Bones. But not before Lucky gives in for her total love for him. And I can see that he is not going to be forgotten in future books, he will always be permanently part of Liora/Lucky's life.
This book takes some nice twists and turns. We learn more about Tatiana's powers and really feel her love for Liora/Lucky. We once again are fooled into thinking Liora has found something great, which turns out to be evil. People Lucky thought she could trust turn on her. And we watch Liora grow into a stronger woman, who fights for what she feels is right and what she needs.
I really have nothing that I did not like in this book. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read about demons and romance. I cannot wait for the next inastallment!
I give this book a 4/5 as I did the first one
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Leigh on June 04, 2012 :
I have just one word for this book. Fantastic!!! Penelope King continues to deliver with the second installment to this series. It has everything you could want in a story such as friendship, love , betrayal,twists and turns that will keep you guessing and an ending that will leaving you wanting more.

Fire with Fire begins two months after the last one left off. Keiron has been gone for those two months and has not contacted Liora/Lucky. They are both trying to deal with his absence in their own way. Lucky is seeking comfort from her best friend ,Bones, who holds a special place in her heart. Liora is attracted to a mysterious new student, Tristian, who starts school with his sister, Cassie. Strange things begin to happen to Liora/Lucky. Who can they trust and will they ever find true love and happiness?

This story, Like The Last One, grabbed my attention and did not let it go! At times I cried and other times I screamed at the book for choices that were made or things that happened. Thank God I was by myself! lol I highly recommend this book and will be anxiously waiting for the next installment. (less)
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Nereid Gwilliams on May 30, 2012 :
I received this books as part of a review on behalf of the author after reading the first book in the "Demonblood" series. It is an interesting concept of two souls inhabiting the one body and such complete opposites where a demon girl and a human girl both fall in love with the same guy Kieron. It makes an interesting threesome to say the least.I am really enjoying this series so far and have become invested in the characters especially Liora/Lucky and Kieron though Bones was a personal favourite of mine too. The story is fast paced and action packed but there is enough romance to make it interesting and not too syrupy sweet. I look forward to reading about their next adventure.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Kel Donovan-Roberts on May 25, 2012 :
That was awesome!! I'm so in love with this series and hate the fact that I have to wait for the next book. I don't want to give anything away but poor Bones, I hope we find out more about the reincarnation and how they keep finding each other. I also hope that Tatiana shows up again, I really liked her and man is she powerful. I loved how Liora "saves" Corrine, I think that was almost the best part. I can't really say what the best part is, the whole book was just awesome, so full of "what's gonna happen next" and "weird" and "OMG" and "Oh no" (sniff). I hated that it had to end, I want more!!!
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Yzabel Ginsberg on May 22, 2012 :
I had read the first installment of this series, and found it interesting. The second one, I went through like a breeze. The story was compelling, and I kept being drawn back to it to read more, which is always a good sign in my case.

We already know the main characters from the first book, of course; we get to know them better here, as well as see some development that I was glad about. While Lucky might have just a tad bit too much of a tendency to feel guilty about everything bad that happens (but still gets out to kick ass no matter what), I thought Liora was getting better. There was less whining about how she doesn't fit in, and more taking things into her own hands, as well as starting to accept to live with her current state (instead of closing her eyes and trying to ignore Lucky's doings). There was also something terribly beautiful about the relationship between Lucky and Bones (I was so, so unhappy at how things unfolded in chapter 19, and hope we get to know, let's say, more in the next novel).

Kieron... got on my nerves, but part of me couldn't keep on thinking that there must be more to his shitty attitude. It was half expected, but he still gave me a good scare here. I found him weaker in this book, though. Perhaps because he doesn't appear for the first half, and gets less 'screen time'?

Tristan seemed so shady from the beginning, but I had no idea at first who or what exactly he was, nor what he wanted. I liked the way he progressively weaseled his way into Liora's life, and how it was introduced, through her skewed perception. It's not so easy to do that in a first-person narrative, and I was surprised, then intrigued, then satisfied at the way it was brought. (The part about coming back from the mines, and then chapter 11 especially, made me frown and go all "ooookay, now this is really getting weird"—toppled with that line about the blueberries pancakes.)

And Tatiana. I already liked her in the first installment, but now I like her even more.

It's hard to write a full review without spoiling too much, so I'll leave it at that. Suffice to say that I will very likely read #3, because I definitely want to know where the characters are going to take it from now on. Too many things have changed in their lives, they can't go back, and so going forward is the only option, and is bound to bring some surprises.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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