Gift of Gamman

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A 243-year young astronaut and a beautiful lieutenant traverse the Void of Cosmos at 85% of the velocity of light. Extraordinary! And then they meet people advanced 150,000 years beyond the human race.

You will laugh and you will cry, but most of all, you will be amazed. Perhaps, flabbergasted! It will stretch you imagination to outer limits, and beyond. More

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Published by Inhousepress
Words: 94,990
Language: English
ISBN: 9781465998774
About Stan I.S. Law

Stan I.S. Law (Stanislaw Kapuscinski), architect, sculptor and prolific writer was educated in Poland and England. While there, he also played concert violin, and studied opera at the Guildhall School of Music.

Since 1965 he has resided in Canada. His special interests cover a broad spectrum of arts, sciences and philosophy. His fiction and non-fiction attest to his particular passion for the scope and the development of human potential. He authored more than thirty books, eighteen of them novels.
Under his real name he published seven non-fiction books sharing his vision of reality. His non-fiction books can be found at:

As an architect [RIBA, MRAIC, OAQ ret.] he designed a number high rise buildings in Montreal, including Regency Hyatt Hotel (now Delta), Place Mercantile, Headquarters for the Mutual Alliance, as well as a number of low and middle rise structures for private clients. In the National Capital he was the associate in charge of design of Royal Bank Headquarters on Sparks Street.

His novels include:

NOW—Being and Becoming
One Just Man (Winston Trilogy Book I)
Elohim—Masters and Minions (Winston Trilogy Book II)
Winstons' Kingdom (Winston Trilogy Book III)
Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus
Peter and Paul—Intuitive sequel to Yeshûa
The Avatar Syndrome (prequel to Headless World)
Headless World—The Vatican Incident (Sequel to Avatar Syndrome).
The Princess
Alec (Alexander Trilogy Book I)
Alexander (Alexander Trilogy Book II).
Sacha—The Way Back (Alexander Trilogy Book III).
The Gate—Things my Mother told me.
Marvin Clark—In Search of Freedom.
Enigma of the Second Coming
Gift of Gamman
Wall—Love, Sex, and Immortality (Aquarius Trilogy Book I)
Pluto Effect (Aquarius Trilogy Book II)
OLYMPUS—Of Gods and Men (Aquarius Trilogy Book III)

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Review by: Amy Taylor on June 12, 2014 :
Gift of Gamman is a thought-provoking science fiction thriller but it doesn’t end there. This story encompasses many genres as an original and gripping read.

It is important in this story to read the prologue. If this is something you normally skip you would be remiss to do that with this story. Adam Blake awakes after nearly 50 years of deep slumber to find he has arrived at his destination. On a one way mission to collect data for the United Planets Federation of a peculiar black hole the ship would collect the necessary data while Adam would add to it human observation and insight. Only once Adam arrives he finds that what he expected to happen - what should be happening - is not happening. What happens next is a fascinating exploration into a reality where energy is manipulated but our consciousness remains. Adam is able to transverse time and space in an epic journey that could only be brought to us by Stan I.S. Law.

Author Stan I.S. Law has outdone himself with Gift of Gamman. This story not only engages science fiction but spirituality, love, adventure, history and hope. As Adam chooses to return to earth and inhabit the body of John Galt he experiences even further awakenings. He is exposed to an alien race that is enigmatic and intriguing. John-Adam finds enlightenment in the esoteric.

The story has incredible characters, scenery and dialogue. The humor and seriousness flow together beautifully. The underlying possibilities fill us with wonder and intrigue. The ending is beautiful and hopeful. I highly recommend it!
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Janja K on April 08, 2014 :
»Gift of Gamman« is a great science fiction novel with wide range of different themes that make the book very dynamic and interesting to read – it has everything from science fiction to adventure, mystery, spirituality, suspense and a lot more – so everything what you expect from any good fantasy story. The author creates a future world and presents it to us in such a way that it really enables you to fly there. And that is only a beginning…

The story has interesting plot, great characters, dynamic happenings, surprises and overall, it is well written, entertaining, exciting and most important - it really draws you into it and takes you to a new world! I would highly recommend it to all fans of science fiction novels.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Ron Pike on March 27, 2012 :
I like the idea of going to sleep, and then waking up on a different planet. Or is it a different reality? With Stan Law you can never be sure. But it’s worth finding out.

Although, now that I think about it, I might prefer to stay behind. Just imagine, all this real estate and no one to disturb my peace of mind.

Just kidding. I love the Gift of Gamman.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: D Piecuch on March 27, 2012 :
While I am not your regular Sci-Fi reader, I’d swap places with Delta anytime.

(Who is Delta? I will not give the secrets away, but if we could retreat to the Garden of Eden and start the human race again, I’d vote for Delta replacing Eve. Or… or we could do it the way Gamman proposes; either way, it would be better than the present—or the predictable future.)

Read it and find out for yourself.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Hanna K. Loda on Jan. 04, 2012 :
A fantastic book. The farther we are apart, the closer evolution brings us together, both, through time and space. Lemuria, Atlantis, the science of the ancients, it all comes alive, real, inseparable part of our reality. And then the glorious, inexplicable tomorrow.

This is a masterpiece!
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Patrick Johnson on Nov. 26, 2011 :
A ‘living’, or ‘participatory’, immortality is a vastly preferred option to sitting on a cloud and being bored to ‘death’ for and ever and ever. Although Stan Law does not propose the ultimate paradise, he certainly takes a giant step towards it.

He also makes an important psychological point for our religious and political critics. Not all that seems bad is bad. It may have hidden portends of a bright future. Well done, Mr. L, or is it K?
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Marlon (Marvin) D. Clark on Nov. 17, 2011 :
Astounding prophecy of man’s future. It marries the vestiges of ancient knowledge, both human and alien, to free man from his perennial kindergarten. Even… to create life! A book to be read, and reread. I did!

There seems no end to Stan Law’s inner/outer travels. In his book, the line between the physical and the metaphysical becomes strangely blurred. I think the point he’s making is that there is only one all-encompassing reality, but he leaves it to us to discover this fact on our own.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Bohdan Czytelnik on Nov. 16, 2011 :
After reading this book, each time I go to sleep, I hope to wake up at the next step of our evolutionary scale. What an extraordinary marriage of physics and metaphysics! No religion, yet an antechamber of heaven on our doorstep. Extraordinary. Thanks, Mr. Law.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Sylvester Drake on Nov. 14, 2011 :
Many a future has been predicted by a host of religious and sci-fi writers. But Stan Law, once again come up with the most original one I’ve read so far. Keep writing, Mr. Law!

PS. John Galt is a classical hero, Beta Mulligan would be the son every parent would wish for, and Delta is absolutely out of this world!
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Anetta Bach on Nov. 12, 2011 :
I read it in four days. Hard to put down.

Although we witness a high-speed chase still within the Solar System, with some extra-planetary air-to-air torpedoes wheezing by, this is not your usual Sci-fi—at least not as I know them.

In sci-fi I’ve learned to expect monsters, fighting strange creatures, murder galore and mayhem. What a glorious change to have an accomplished author of Stan Law’s stature show us that none of these are necessary to give us a fast-paced, exciting adventure. It feels like going back to early Heinlein’s or Bradbury’s novels. Welcome to the realm of science-fiction Mr. Law. I hope there are many more to come.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Adam Kerry on Nov. 11, 2011 :
A strange malaise imbues most of the human race. People become more placid, more complacent. They develop a strange predisposition for endless slumber, which seems to drain them from any desire for constructive behavior. The human race is dying.

Commander John Galt is given a slim chance to save humanity. Putting his life on the line, he ventures into the vastness of space, where he gains access to a reality that reaches beyond his wildest imagination. If he survives the mission, he might hold the key to human salvation. He might hold the Gift of Gamman.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: BozenaH on Nov. 09, 2011 :
I read this in proof form. Now, I’ll read it again. It’s worth it. I took this from the description: “You will laugh and you will cry, but most of all, you will be amazed. Perhaps, flabbergasted! It will stretch you imagination to outer limits, and beyond.” Every word it true.
And on the top of that, the man, Stan Law, is a poet!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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