Half Black Soul (The Alexa Montgomery Saga)

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Alexa has left behind her sister, the one person she was always told to protect. Secrets will come out, relationships will break and danger lies just ahead. Will Alexa be able to face it all and come out alive? And, will she be able to protect her sister from danger when she is so far away? More

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Words: 82,080
Language: English
ISBN: 9781466057999
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Review by: sherry fundin on Dec. 14, 2012 :
Just a month ago, I'd been a pretty normal teenager. I was seventeen and I lived in a small town in Missouri. Now I am a killing machine, a warrior or a murderer. Or both. Happy birthday to me.

Spoiler Alert: This is Book II in the Alexa Montgomery Saga.

I was driving through Pennsylvania, in the rain, when hunger hit me. I just happened to be at an exit, so I took it and went into the diner at the convenience store. After eating, as I walked to my car, I should have paid more attention to my senses. I knew I never should have left my sword in the car. It wouldn't happen again. I knew he was there and I knew he was going to attack me. It would be the last thing he did. I let the monster deal with the man and felt a euphoria as he lay dying.

As I drove away I thought about how I came to be here.

I knew I was different, but a Sun Warrior? The Last One? My mother had taught me how to fight and told me to protect Nelly. Nelly wasn't just a Searcher, but so much more. After the attack at the house, Nelly and Jackson, who was a werewolf and my boyfriend, and I ran to Two Rivers in Pine Barrens, NJ.

It was magnificent until you saw underneath it. When I met Soraya, she exposed the truth Libra the Scales Balanceto me and I vowed to change it. But one good thing had come of it. I met Kayden, the only Libra left. Like me, the last of his kind. Would we end up together?

The first thing on my agenda was to find out if my mother was still alive.

After the incident at the convenience store, I stopped at a rest area to regroup. The monster was in total control of me. I was horrified. I jumped out of the car and ran. I ran for the exit and as normal feelings started to come back to me, I felt hope. I ran straight into Kayden. I felt his goodness wash over me. My desperation led me to go one step further, a kiss so deep the monster was driven away. I turned to the car and waited for him to enter.

I was going to Olivia's', my mother's friend who had sent us to Two Rivers, to find out about my mother, and anything else I could. She told me I was meant to lead a revolution. I had to go to Dangeon to find my mother.

Nelly was bereft when she read the note Alexa left for her.

Nelly's mind sent out a blanket search, seeming of its own free will. She could sense a feeling of fear from everyone in the village.

She was called before the Queen and asked about Alexa being missing. Nelly fed the her the lie she had been working on, only to be assaulted by the Queen's attempt to search her. She could block her, but that would alert the Queen to the fact Nelly was a searcher and may put her in danger.

That night Nelly dreamt of Alexa's death.

5 - Would Buy It For Them (lol)

The ending blew me away. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next book to see what happens.

The cover is beautiful and the title is so very appropriate.

The writing needs some editing, but the story is so good and so wonderfully told that it is easy to overlook. The plot is so detailed that it drew me into the story and didn't let me go. It captured me from the very beginning. Even after I read the last page, the last sentence, the last word, I was craving more.

The characters are as well-developed and detailed as the plot.

It is so easy to fall for Alexa, who has to fight her battle with her monster within. Don't we all have our own inner battles? I found it easy to empathize with her because it.

Kayden, what can I say about Kayden? Wouldn't you like to have your very own (smoking hot) Guardian? He is always there for Alexa. And, of course, Nelly, who is so sweet and innocent.

I can't decide who Alexa will end up with and I'm not sure who I want her to end up with. My fist thought is always Jackson, he has been with her through thick and thin. He would lay down his life for her. Her own private, and also smoking hot, werewolf.

The Rise, Book III, is on it's way to me as we speak and I can hardly wait to pick it up and start reading. I love Alexa and I am rooting for her, wanting her to have everything her heart desires. Now I just have to find out if she gets it.

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Alison Gussack on Sep. 01, 2012 :
**There may be spoilers if you have not read the first book in this series!!**

This second book in the Alexa Montgomery series and follows Alexa as she attempts to rescue her mother, previously believed to be dead, from a scary prison. I definitely enjoyed this one more than the first book, despite the typos in the Smashwords edition. I was very upset with Alexa at the end of Blood Warrior for not accepting love and protection from the incredibly hot and capable Kayden so it took me awhile before I was ready to continue reading. I am so glad that I did! The action is non-stop and I love the different individual points of view from Alexa and her sister, Nelly, but wish there were more chapters from Kayden. Can you tell I am obsessed? Any character in any book who remotely resembles Chris Hemsworth gets my vote any day, and Kayden IS Chris Hemsworth.

If I could figure out how to post pictures here, I would. My profile pic will have to do for now!

Can't wait for book three!
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Tiffany on Aug. 11, 2012 :
3.5 Stars

To start off, the reason this series went from the first book being a 5 star to this one getting a 3.5 is not because it isn't a good read. It was a really good read. It just disappointed me a little. I read quite a few reviews that said it blew the first one out of the water. While it was good, for me, it fell a little short of outstanding. It started off pretty slow and seemed a little too wordy for a simple plot. The first half of the book seemed to me like it could have been the first chapter or two and the last few chapters (which had all the action) could have been much longer.

One of the things I really liked about this book (and the first one as well) is Alexa's strength. She faces so much yet she doesn't whine or give up. I like how the author has brought out her much darker nature in this book.

I loved Kayden even more in this book. It confirmed my earlier thoughts of how he and Alexa are so right for each other.

Overall, I recommend giving this one a read. The author has created a compelling story with an immensely lovable heroine.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Vanya Drumchiiska on April 04, 2012 :
When I was given this book to review, I was more than a little skeptical about it. Not because of what I'd heard of it, because most reviews have been positive. It's rather because book 1, Blood Warrior, hadn't really made such a good impression on me.

But I can say that Half Black Soul was nothing like Blood Warrior. And by this I mean that the writing style had improved, the grammatical mistakes were mostly fixed and the story was actually making a great deal of sense.

**What I didn't like:**

True, there are some misspellings, some minor substitutions like 'too' for 'to' and 'passed' for 'past' (as in 'moved passed me'), but that can't really be too bothersome.
What really annoyed me were the overused italics. There wasn't a paragraph where at least one word would be italicized, sometimes two or tree words, and it just totally overdid it.
Also, one other thing that kind of bothered me was that sometimes the voices didn't sound realistic. Kayden for instance seemed so stiff and out of his skin that I wanted to strangle him. And sometimes Nelly's thoughts and conclusions sounded too childish.
Lastly, since this is a YA book, I felt that Alexa's language should've been a little toned down.

**What I liked:**

In this book we can finally hear Nelly's voice, and at one point Kayden's as well. It was nice to get to know Nelly for who she really was. In book 1 we only knew Alexa and how she saw the world. So Half Black Soul kind of broadened our scope of things.

Blood Warrior left us with Alexa leaving Two Rivers in order to find her mother. She had rejected Kayden's help, but I knew in my mind that he won't stop at anything and sooner or later would find her. I was not disappointed. And I give credit to the author for having Kayden appear at the perfect moment. The timing was just first class.

I loved the development of the romantic relationship by the Warrior and the Libra. It was about time that those two figured out how they felt about each other. And the guilt that Alexa felt for cheating on Jackson really annoyed me. I mean, yeah he was her boyfriend, but she never really hold any passionate feelings for him. So, with gorgeous Kayden by her side, why think of Jackson at all?

Besides I never got a good vibe off Jackson. I just didn't like the dude, especially when he sounded like a control freak or something.

The restaurant scene was really cheesy in the "Twilight" kind of way. I mean, everything about it felt like it came straight out of "Twilight" and just landed on this book's pages. I kind of laughed when I read it.

I loved how Nelly's searching abilities seemed to stretch almost indefinitely. She kind of grew up in this book from the frail child she was to a mentally strong person. The control she could exercise on people was totally amazing.

What really got me interested was the ending. I had never anticipated that wicked twist of events, but hey, it's the cliff hanger that makes you buy the next book, right?
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Jessica Bantten on Feb. 24, 2012 :
4 stars

I received this book from the author in one of the groups I am a member of on goodreads, in exchange for my honest review. I really enjoyed book one so I didn't have any problem diving into this next installment.

It picks up directly where we left off. Alexa has just left Two Rivers in search of her mother. The beginning of this book moved quickly. Alexa going through a series of events that leads to a great change in her. Soon things get even better when Kayden shows up.

This book was slightly different from book one in the sense that it held mostly two points of view. Alexa's sister Nelly took a much more dominant role in this book, having nearly almost every other chapter from her point of view. Things slowed down a little because we had to go through a whole new character development. However I see why the author did this and I'm glad I get a better understanding of Nelly. I didn't really like her in book one but now I see how loyal she is to her sister and how brave she is.

The action scenes were high paced and entertaining. The romance between Alexa and Kayden developed more and that was probably my favourite part. A lot of secrets are revealed and a nice cliff hanger at the end has me geared up to read the next book!

Bravo H.D. Gordan you truly have a gift for story-telling!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Katrina @ Kindred Dreamheart on Feb. 22, 2012 :
Lady Luck struck twice! Thanks again to the good people over at Shut Up & Read on GoodReads for entrusting me to give an honest review.

After reading Blood Warrior, I begged for more romance and more fighting. After reading Half Black Soul, I feel as if I’ve been injected with a syringe containing concentrated lust and death. Seriously I’m having an excitement OVERLOAD here and need to calm down before I pass out.

Everything you could ask for people is IN THIS BOOK:
♥ Conspiracies
♥ Steamy moments
♥ Revaluations
♥ Betrayal
♥ Little Nelly growing up and showing her powers off
♥ Kayden, oh Kayden…..be still my heart…boy if you only knew what I want to do to…. *clearing my throat* Pardon me!
♥ Fighting, correction, kicking ass, correction, BRIGHT RED BLOOD making the green grass grow…..HOOAH!
♥ And in the center of it all, Alexa.(One schizophrenic bad azz heroine that I love so much!)

This is my new favorite book. 5 stars is a rip off and does it no justice. EPIC, that’s what it is!

Now this I'll pay BIG BUCKS to see on the big screen! Whenever I’m feeling down, sad, or just plan peeved off, I’ll always have the memory of HALF BLACK SOUL to put a smile on my face.

If you haven’t read this book, you’re delusional. You should be put in a straight jacket and refined to a time out corner, because seriously this read is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Lolita Verroen on Feb. 22, 2012 :
This review was originally posted on goodreads

I really liked this book. It is the second book in this series and I have to admit it is better than book 2, but still I can't give it 5 stars. The story in this book is a bit more darker than in book 1. It still has that keep-reading-feel.

I really liked that this book used multiple point of views. Not only do we get to see the point of view from Alexa as she tries to save her mom, we also get to see the point of view from Nelly, Alexa's sister and what she discovers in the city. I really enjoyed seeing both characters develop in this book. I also have to admit I liked Nelly's point of view better than Alexa's point of view. Altough both storylines are very interesting. The point of view switches are both a good and a bad thing. I liked to see both of their perspectives, but unfortunately the author has a habit of switching the point of view on minor cliffhangers. So just when you are totally in one of their stories and something is going to happen there is a point of view switch. Later on in the book the point of view switches are less frequent and on better times.

I really enjoyed seeing Nelly's side of the story. I think her powers are very interesting and I liked learning more about her powers and how she used them. I felt like I really got to know more about Nelly in this book. But sadly I still felt like the other characters are still one big myserty. I still have no idea who they are and I don't understand why Daniel is Nelly's boyfriend. I think the side characters really could use a bit more depth, even Kayden, Daniel, Jackson and Tommy who are friends of the lead characters are a bit too shallow.

A few minor things I just found a bit strange or irritating are: the fact that Alexa smokes, I absolutely disgust smoking and every time Alexa talks about sigarates I just wanted to put the book down. I think it adds absolutely nothing to the story and it just made me feel disgusted every time, so I just ended up trying to skip the smoke passages. Some other minor point are (view spoiler)[ the fact that Nelly's powers are described as a muscle in her mind. I think that if it just was described as her mind it would've been better, I don't know I think a muscle in her mind just sounded strange. Also Alexa begins to talk to herself and has a monster inside of her, again I just found this strange. Is there really something else inside her head or is she just talking to herself? And my last point is her relationship with Kayden, where she spends book 1 trying to push him away, now she suddenly accepts his help a bit too easily. (hide spoiler)]

To conclude: I really liked this story, but it still isn't great enough to deserve 5 stars. I liked the point of view switches altough they where also a bit annoying in the beginning. I really liked seeing Nelly's point of view. We get to know Alexa and Nelly pretty good, but the other characters remain a mystery. The ending had a very interesting revelation and I can't wait to read the next book!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Cassandra Martino on Feb. 21, 2012 :
This book is just as amazing, if not more so than Blood Warrior. I didn't think it was possible but H.D. has proved me wrong. It started a little slow for me but that's probably because I finished Blood Warrior at work this morning as well so the back story was fresh in my mind. Once it picked up.. it REALLY picked up. The emotion that pours off of the pages is hard to describe.

The ending has me BEGGING for more and I will be impatiently waiting for book 3.

Definitely one of the BEST books I have read in a LONG time. There were a few errors but it was barely noticeable and didn't even matter because the content of the book so was captivating.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Lovey Dovey Books on Feb. 15, 2012 :
I didn't enjoy Half Black Soul as much as Blood Warrior. The plot twists and surprises in the second book in The Alexa Montgomery Saga were anti-climatic.

Half Black Soul is told through Alexa and Nelly's point of view...why? In Nelly's chapters we learn new things, but only after reading about her discovering what Alexa's already uncovered, about Two Rivers, in book 1.

Another problem I had with reading this book is the appearance of Alexa's 'monster'. Alexa had a problem with controlling herself in book 1, she referred to it as a 'hunger'. Now it's become and 'monster' inside of her, a separate being in which Alexa has conversations with on several occasions throughout book 2. I don't understand how that came about and Alexa's talking to herself became really annoying after I realized what was going on.

Sadly, this isn't a series I can keep reading.

*An e-book copy of Half Black Soul was provided by the author through Shut Up and Read's Read It & Reap review program on GoodReads.com
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Nadia da Silva on Feb. 07, 2012 :
I finished this book earlier tonight & my thoughts are so full I hardly know where to start...

First things first - I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!

Half Black Soul is one of my favourite books! I don't give 5 stars easily, so I hope that's an indication of how much I enjoyed this amazing read.

The fact that the book was written in the first person from both Alexa's & Nelly's point of view was awesome! I loved getting to know both characters better, especially Nelly. It was great how Nelly developed as a person when Alexa wasn't there to shelter her anymore & I was so happy how she stepped up & grew in this book. Alexa on the other hand is still my favourite character - I'm so impressed by her strength & determination but also felt her pain & torment with her inner struggle. The book is so well written that you can't help but "feel" with the characters you're reading about. Can I just add that I'm totally in love with Kayden... Swoon! I got butterflies when he kissed Alexa - imagine how she felt...

I absolutely loved the twists in the book - it's wonderful when authors keep their readers on their toes! I have mixed emotions regarding the ending, since I LOVE cliffhangers (they're just so exciting!) but on the other hand, I'm going all jittery at the thought of having to wait for the next book!

HD Gordon, all I can say is thank you & congratulations on an amazing book & please hurry up - I NEED the next book since I'm thoroughly hooked!!! :D
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: SamanthaTowner on Feb. 03, 2012 :
Half Black Soul by H.D. Gordon was a tremendous second installment to the series. A great job by H.D. Gordon for producing a book that continues to thrill readers in this second book. I must say that again the ending has left me pacing waiting for the next book. I love that the endings are never the painful cliffhangers that leave readers angry. The endings to these books are such that the tension of the plot are so great that the reader cant help but salivate for the next. This book has great plot twists and continued character development that keeps the readers attention going with just the right amount of tension and pacing. It is rare to find a new series lately that has such great writing and tension that leaves the reader having a great read.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Christie Rich on Feb. 01, 2012 :
H.D. Gordon did not disappoint. I loved the use of multiple points of view. I was also happy to find out more about what is really happening in Two Rivers and the roles the characters play. I will not give spoilers, but if you loved Blood Warrior, you will adore Half Black Soul.

Great job, Heather!
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

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