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Joe, Scott and Chris have always seen the error of the world they lived in too easily, and have been compensating by dreaming in all forms since they can remember. Sometimes this helps, and sometimes it doesn't.
Only one day, a character from Joe's past changes all three of their paths; and these three teenage boys see something quite remarkable, but dangerous, up ahead. More
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Published: Feb. 01, 2012
Words: 28,490
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311564337
About Marcus Riddle

An obsessive and compulsive writer at heart. I spend a lot of my time trying to catch the ideas I live for in my fiction; mostly because I live through my writing.

I am currently working on the Observer Chronicles at the minute. The next book(s) will be out Christmas 2014

The Observer Chronicles:

Dreamers (book 1)
Silver Cathedral (book 2)
177th Swan (book 3)
Tribal Guards (book 4)
Beings That Matter: Fire That Withers (book 5)
Beings Matter: Earth That Fills (book 6)
Fatal Femmes (additional story with purchase of the entire 'Observer Chronicles' when out)


Review by: James Taylor on Feb. 04, 2012 : star star star star star
"I guess the cliché stands: Size doesn't matter." Admittedly, I downloaded this because of the picture and it being free helped too. From reading the description I thought it would make an interesting children's book. But what I got was very different, yet more interesting at the same time. It is essentially a dark teenage fantasy. I have read nothing like this before. There is a lot of out of box thinking in this book. Things I havn't read about in fiction turned up. The "black and white" view the author took on all the characters for instance; it left both sympathy and love from my point of view for every single character; even for the antagonist that truly believes he is building a better future. Also, the not too much sexual abuse themes were handled with care and relied on the ripples it caused within the mind of one of the three characters instead of the actual acts being fed to us like mindless zombies. The three (teenage) characters mesh incredibly well together and the plot device of their dreams and daydreams makes me, personally, think it is an ingenious way of conveying their troubles within, and without going in to purple prose. The writers best skills has to be his dialogue. His insight coming second; and his beautiful prose are used sparingly, but at the right times. It has funny ha-ha moments and funny strange moments too; but it works, so I don't see a problem with them. The story also has a minor gay theme, but like the abuse theme, isn't overused or too strong to repel me from it. I learned some things throughout this story whilst being completely engrossed on what was going on at the same time. As you can see from my title of the review: '"I guess the cliché stands: Size doesn't matter."' This book is short but it still packs a punch; well it has for me. The innovative Nexus Chamber device used in it has left me wondering what lies in those other ******. I will not spoil it too much for you. The ending, I assume, is done in a way that makes the reader take what they want from it; interpreting their own view of what has just happened; leaving you to believe the characters and what they have been through - or not. After reading the afterthought, another thing I have never seen in any piece of fiction, I am exited to see what this author Jon White has to offer- because he stated outright that he is working right now on works that connect some of the exiting things I am still wondering about. Once I read the book I read the introduction again like the author said to, to understand it more; it works like an introduction to an essay, but not pointing out directly how the author is going to say these things in his fiction; fairly smart in my opinion. As you could probably tell, I loved it. I have nothing more to say.
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