Proyecto Alfa Centauri (Los mundos del pensamiento)

Prólogo José Luis Cordeiro, “Conozca Más” Nikola Danaylov - Nuestro futuro: seres humanos y seres digitales. Los seres digitales se mueven en un mundo transformado casi más allá, de todo reconocimiento por la tecnología. De esto surge una poderosa comparación con nuestra civilización, que quitando capa tras capa de prejuicios, nos deja frente a la moral de un mundo que un día podríamos compartir. More
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Published: Feb. 04, 2012
Words: 49,460
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 9781465936219
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DOWNLOAD FOR FREE - "Evolution: the Future" is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese .

"Evolution: the future" is a transhumanist novel about emerging technologies and space, set in a near future populated by humans and digital beings. Suspense and action, but also a fascinating travel into the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on our civilization. From this, a powerful comparison with our civilization emerges, that stripping away layer after layer of conventions and prejudices, leaves us at last face to face with the morals of a world that one day we might share.

This novel has been written with the intent of spreading a positive vision of the principles and ideas of Transhumanism as well as trust in a future dominated by disruptive technologies. A script has been derived.

Also available "The Alpha Centauri Project", a novel merging the story of "Evolution: the future" with a fascinating explanation by a digital historian of social and technological scenarios. Editions in English, Spanish, French and Italian.


>> Spanish edition: Preface José Luis Cordeiro - "Know more" section Nikola Danaylov - Graphic project, translation and video Lilia Morales y Mori - Soundtrack of the video by Francesco Zanellato
>> French edition: Preface Vanderlei Martinianos - "Know more" section Nikola Danaylov - Translation Marie Michèle Hanine - Graphic project Lilia Morales y Mori
>> Italian edition: Preface by Marta Rossi - "Know more" section Nikola Danaylov - Graphic project and video Lilia Morales y Mori
>> Portuguese edition: Preface Vanderlei Martinianos - "Know more" section Nikola Danaylov - Translation Lucas Geremias - Graphic project Lilia Morales y Mori

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"Just finished reading "The Alpha Centauri Project" a couple days ago. I really enjoyed it. The brief "chapters" were a very interesting method for structuring. I also appreciated the recollections of the historian punctuating the story. At times, I wondered if you had initially written this as a screenplay and later adapted it into a novel. Oh, and the ending is fantastic! I'm going to give the story a second read, to ensure I absorbed everything and then would be interested in using FB to discuss. "

"Just finished... my goodness, what a beautiful mind you have! In addition to stimulating my own creativity, the first thoughts I had after reading this is how gorgeous it would be in an animated or motion picture format. Have you received any screenplay offers?"

"Even uncommon visualization is an extreme sport. It requires daring, controlled thought, and the ability to overcome barriers within the mind, imposed by current societal norms. You are a sportsman of this genre, without doubt."

"I just finished reading your captivating ebook and felt compelled to drop you a quick note to thank you and to let you know how much I enjoyed reading it. Your style is both fresh and captivating. The characters are believable and quite identifiable in their roles. I almost hated to finish reading it. Looking forward to more from you as our most uncertain future unfolds and AI one day, becomes self aware."

"Hi Marco, I think Alpha Centauri Project could definitely be adapted for a film. The characters are strong and likeable for sci fi."

"Un aporte extraordinario a la literatura de ciencia ficción, una impresionante visión del futuro para todos tus lectores y un invaluable estímulo para los investigadores y científicos de todo el mundo."

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"Ho letto il tuo romanzo "Progetto Alfa Centauri" e devo dire di esserne rimasto affascinato: il tuo stile visionario e al tempo stesso raffinato mi ha "trasportato" in un lontano futuro, a contemplare la civiltà umana durante la sua ennesima "trasformazione" ed "espansione", in simbiosi con il "mondo" degli Esseri digitali. Nel tuo lavoro c'è tutto: cyberpunk, space opera e fantapolitica. E' un romanzo di SF davvero completo, scritto con dovizia di particolari ma al tempo stesso scorrevole. In poche parole, mi è piaciuto molto. Sei davvero in gamba."

"Fantastico! Stupendo! Da leggere tutto d'un fiato!!! Il miglior racconto di fantascienza che abbia letto da parecchio tempo... Una nuova frontiera dell'immaginazione!"



According to future studies, the world will be dominated soon by disruptive technologies, able to plunge Mankind into an era of accelerated progress. Main outcomes will be the achievement of immortality, the creation of smarter than human Artificial Intelligence and the spread of the new species through the universe.
The passionate scenarios described in these novels make the reader share the soul of a civilization. Social issues as well as dreams and projects of the digital people are key drivers of the story.

24th century. Humans live on Earth and the Moon, last strongholds of their past power. Mars and the Net are inhabited by artificial intelligences and souls, these last obtained by digitizing the brain after death. The virtual reality allows the two races to communicate. Their differences are deep, their interests incompatible.
With digitization, humans have postponed real death to an indeterminate future, but they are not happy. Towards the virtual beings they feel admiration but also envy and inferiority.
The digital creatures instead cannot bear being relegated in worlds too small for their unbounded ambitions. Their Martian experience has allowed them to develop the competence necessary in extra-terrestrial environments, most of all to acquire the self-confidence indispensable for the colonization of other star systems.
The Alpha Centauri project obtains the humans’ support, in exchange for the waiver of any expansion on the Earth. Just before departure, Earth Security intercepts a suspect message from the Space Agency. Terrorism? The evidence leads to the Elects, a sect that entered Net fifty years before through a collective suicide...

Eve and Victoria, the main characters, are “souls”, digital beings whose brain was digitized after death. They move in a context of epoch making events, becoming more and more involved and finally merging their destiny with that of the digital people.

A script is also available. The last editions of the ebooks can be downloaded from the Author's website.
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Marco Santini graduated in Engineering and specialized in Business Administration. Deeply interested in high-tech trends, he has written “Evolution: the future” and “The Alpha Centauri Project”, novels depicting a near future dominated by technology. He has made the ebooks free and downloadable in several languages, in order to share their content with the widest audience and to contribute to discussion about great themes.


Finalmente se puede bajar gratis y en español, la novela “Proyecto Alfa Centauri”. Una obra futurista fascinante donde la inteligencia artificial cobra un papel relevante en el futuro de la humanidad.

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