End Game

That fragile thing, the very air we breathe, is taken for granted, treated with contempt. That very delicate, well-balanced thing that stops you and me freezing to death, roasting to death or even choking to death, is being mercilessly polluted. It is only a matter of time before that well-balanced, gaseous, circulatory system is thrown out of sync and collapses.

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About Cuger Brant

CUGER BRANT was born in London, England. He is an experienced environmentalist and has been working in this field for the last 20 years. He and his family currently reside in the southern counties of England.
From the age of six, together with my three brothers I attended the old Lambeth Workhouse institution when it was known as Woodvale Children’s Home. Later, my brothers and i were later sent to ‘Beechholme’ in Banstead, Surrey. It was a village type children’s home with its own church, school, and infirmary. The houses were spaced along an avenue of trees, each named after a tree or bush. Each house had its ‘House Parents’ who were responsible for approximately 14 children of both sexes. It was here that I was taught the basic survival skills such as cooking, sowing, cleaning and, with kindness and regular exercise, had a healthy outlook on life.
This experience left me with a keen sense of fairness, justice and the consequence of people’s actions both good and bad, on others (and a good sense of humor) you needed it! Looking back, the one thing I have realized from my childhood years is that; love, patience and fair play are the building blocks of good character and moral values.
I started my career as a dodo farmer, but after ten years of returned job applications I decided on a new path. Finally (due to my experience) I had the choice of being a dustman or an environmentalist, as the former was taken, I took the latter. I soon found that everyone was totally disinterested, so I decided to write stories.
To me a book is just as much art as is a painting or a sculpture. But why ‘Art’ is always perceived as images through the eye by most, puzzles me. Art is giving the mind a concept, expressed by the artist. My canvas is projecting concepts through the written word.
As far as I am concerned; I am a philosophic psychologist with a twist of comedy and, as far as you are concerned; I am either a madman or have a point. Well… is that not art?
I write ‘WHAT IF?’ stories. I write them to stretch your imagination and your awareness. I hope they give you pleasure, food for thought and change your perception about you, your world, and your safe little place in it!
My writing style and method may seem different to you. I have read (in numerous cases, tried to read) so many books, only to be sent to sleep or put off by over descriptive meandering that, when analyzed, really has nothing to do with the story or the plot, rather, just to do with the author’s imaginings of his literal descriptive skills or even to do with ‘bulking’ a book out a bit!
Both I and other avid readers I know personally, tend to get very vexed with these ‘over-stretched books’ telling us nothing, just wasting my time and my money!
My philosophy is: if you give a man who can read music a Stradivarius, it doesn’t mean that you will get a good tune. But if that man has a seed of inspiration to explore, and a need to express his inspiration through his music, then you have something worth listening to!
Writing, to my mind, is always an opportunity to educate the reader. It is also for me personally the art of imagination and an opportunity for expression of concepts.
My writing is not too ‘character’ driven, neither is it supposed to be. Its aim is to inspire and educate a little, to make you aware of the dangers of our modern world. If you like my abstract style and view of things then all the better, if you do not, then go bury your head again!
I believe it is how the imagination and a few words are used to capture an idea, then to project that idea to a reader, to get an inquisitive mind working and in doing, stopping that inquisitive mind dismissing a concept or an idea! If I can stop someone putting down an unread book, then, I feel I have created something.
I sincerely hope that if you read my books they were not what you were expecting!

Author Note: A word about my writing, facts and study material: Trust me when I say; I get all my facts right before I put pen to paper. This gives me the privilege to distort them as much as I please with a clear conscience. In all my ‘What If’ stories, the political or religious connotations are fictitious. Any offence taken by oneself or on behalf of another is by personal choice!

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