A Chance Of A Lifetime

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Some men want only sex. Some sex and romance. So it is with this tale except all is not as expected.

Someone, an average person in all respects meets a girl. Although he’s known her some time, he can’t remember now when they last had sex. And foolishly on a whim, he’s agreed to marry her.

Is she a long-forgotten dream he will live out? Or will she be a nightmare? More
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About Earnest Long

Earnest Long, the author, has some experience or none of what he writes. He is past 40 but not past caring. His short stories are fiction in the best tradition of storytelling. He has extensive experience of computers professionally and has talked for thousands of hours to dozens of people interested in computers, self-help, losing weight, and keeping to health plans. As well, he has been a published author for over 15 years. He has a home computer running Office software. and he volunteers at a social group for people recovering from mental health problems, teaching computer skills. His books and short stories are entertainment and for amusement. As well, they offer practical help.

He lives on his own in a spacious flat with a collection of statues and figurines, a PC, a bookcase and boxes of books and magazines. He likes watching television, listening to the radio, writing, going to the park for walks, and company. He loves every minute of the day and every minute that he is on his computer.

The author says he hasn't stared at a blank screen for years and enjoys writing. He is prepared to share with the reader how he learnt not to stare at a blank screen and for the reader to avoid the same mistakes. His hope is the reader will see his or her computer as a tool that only helps them and does not hinder them. This includes if they use their computer for goal setting, creative writing or anything for which it is possible to use a computer.

Also, he shows how readers can read more books when they've wanted to read more for a long time. Or the reader may want to watch more decent television, do some exercise or anything else. The author has written in both fiction and nonfiction about many of the same themes, subjects and topics. And so his works provide a unique insight into the ideas and interests of one writer.

All Earnest Long's works have been extensively re-edited, revised and improved. And his books brought up to date since first publication in 2012 and 2013. His works are now more readable for any reader. And many are now 'easy reads' as well.

Watch this webpage for more publications and revised editions of earlier books.

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Review by: patricia teachey on March 15, 2012 :
my first review. Did not like the book at all. Was all over the place and was hard to understand.
(review of free book)

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