ARENA ONE: Slaverunners (Book #1 of the Survival Trilogy) (Part One)

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“If you liked THE HUNGER GAMES, you will Love ARENA ONE.” --Allegra Skye, Bestselling author of Saved. From the #1 Bestselling author comes a post-apocalyptic, action-packed thriller featuring a 17 year old female protagonist who must fight for her life to save her sister from Arena One, the death stadium where there is only one rule: no one survives. Ever. More
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Review by: chucklesthescot on Oct. 29, 2014 :
Brooke and her younger sister Bree survived the civil war by hiding out at their family's winter cabin which is exposed to the main road, leaving them vulnerable to being captured by slaverunners and sent as slaves to the arena to fight. It sounded a bit Hunger Games to me but I'm always willing to try new books even if they seem similar to books I've read and loved.

Right. What worked in the Hunger Games is that although it was a brutal futuristic regime, everyday life was believable in this world. You thought it could happen so you believed in it and the characters. I just didn't believe in the opening, not enough to invest in the rest of the story, mentally or financially! Brooke admits to not being able to hunt or fish, and has no food supplies so how on earth did the girls survive three years out there? How could they survive all winter with the odd fish??? That didn't make much sense. Neither did the fact that she had no idea about the fully stocked cabin higher up the hill from her holiday home. Even if she had not known it was there, surely she would have explored the area fully in the years that she had been there to find supplies!

And when she finds it full of canned goods and next to a wood with lots of trees to burn and deer to throw knives at, she decides to move her sister up there the next day as it is much more secluded and safe. So why, the next day does she abandon that excellent plan, leave her sister and go to look at the cabin again? Yes you guessed it, Bree is snatched while she is away! Oh come on. This happens despite both sisters having a bad dream about Bree being taken and Brooke having that bad feeling as she left the cabin that she'd never see her sister again-but leaves anyway. None of that was realistic to me. Nor was the running down the mountain to catch the car.

The other thing that didn't grab me was how slow the story was. It took a lot of time to get to the point of Bree being taken and by then this version of the book was finishing. We didn't need so much description about the winters, flashbacks to her dad having tantrums(which added NOTHING to the story) and so on. If you are going to give a free segment of your book, it needs to have enough in it to grab the reader and make me want to devour it. In this case, there just wasn't enough of interest in this to make me want to read the whole thing. If a book hasn't grabbed me by 50 pages in, I rarely continue much further as I have limited time and a big tbr to get through.
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Review by: Dar Mil on April 01, 2014 :
Oh, I am so mad!!!!! I hate when this happens. I'm trying to clean up on books that have been sitting around for a long time. In this case, it was a Smashwords freebie. I know, what did I want for free? Nowhere did the ebook announce that it was a sample. I was reading along with the text-to-speech going. The indicator said I would finish this book in an hour. I thought it was a short story and I could free up a tiny amount of space if I read it. An hour later was an actual cliffhanger with the advertisement to get the real book on Amazon, Kobo, etc. So grumbling I clicked on the URL and saw that the real thing was actually FREE. Had it cost anything I would have backed away. But then the Amazon ad came up that I could get the Audible version for only $1.99. So I got it.

So far I kind of like the main character. I find it impossible that she and her sister had lived alone for so long and her not know how to hunt and fish. What have they been living off of? Then there is a tree that falls over from pushing it with her knife edge. TOO many impossible things. If she hadn't ridden on the motor bike for a long time, what makes her think she can drive it at such horrendous speeds? Okay, I know, I should have suspended disbelieve and just enjoyed it as a tale.

I think I will let this one go at one star for now, let some time go by and come back in with the narrator helping me.
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Review by: Mackenzie L'Allier on Feb. 11, 2014 :
An amazing read! I purchased the book on Amazon before I had even heard of this site, and whilst looking for books to read on here I stumbled across this and just had to drop in and show my support for this author and for this series I recommend this book to tons of people I know. Seriously a great book.
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Review by: DiAnne Tackett on July 05, 2012 :
Really liked this book. Read the free read then purchased the whole book cause I had to know what happened. Excited to read the next books and hoping that Ben steps it up a bit :)
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Review by: lfsims on June 14, 2012 :
Even though it wasn't the complete book what I did read was really good, good enough to pay to read the rest. I loved the storyline and the characters.
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