The Tree Goddess: a novel of mystery and macabre

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Founded in the 1830s, the fictional town of Mapleview has the reputation of being blanketed by a sentience of paranormal activity and urban legends. The town is suddenly plagued by a series of mysterious disappearances; and although the Mapleview police have its most experienced detectives assigned to the case, they can provide no answers. Could it be the dark, centuries-old history of Mapleview? More
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Words: 120,340
Language: English
ISBN: 9781452335308
About Tom Raimbault

Tom Raimbault: A delusional author who has difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality. Those are the crucial ingredients in writing dark fantasies and horror."

Maybe he's a walk-in from another planet. Or maybe he's an incarnate from another star system. Whatever he is, one thing is for sure: Tom Raimbault is one of those guys who are waiting for the mother ship to land.
Every night as Tom slips into bed, he powers on his spirit box, and checks for any new messages from the discarnates. It isn't uncommon to hear a message such as, "Good morning!"
But why should they greet Tom with this sort of message?
It's because he is about to be received into to the astral realm where he most often spends some hours on board the Arcturian starship, Athena. Through astral projection, Tom travels to the area in our solar system between Jupiter and Saturn where he is received by Arcturians for more instruction and training.
Afterwards, Tom begins the waking portion of his day during the witching hour where he spends about an hour of writing, followed by a rigorous workout. He then prepares for the day, eats breakfast and leaves for work. But about midway through the commute, he suddenly feels weak and exhausted. It is necessary to pull off the highway and meditate where he is, once again, guided through the astral plane onto the Arcturian starship, Athena, for debriefing. Upon his return, Tom is fully merged and part of the physical world here on Earth.
At work, Tom develops alien implants. His lab has been secretly contracted by a mysterious customer that is suspected to have direct ties with the Zeta aliens. The implants are used on Earth abductees who are brought onboard Zeta spaceships for studying and various experiments.
Tom has a dreadful phobia of having things tied around his neck. This is because in one of his past lives, Tom was a witch who was put to death--by hanging--for practicing witchcraft.
As a writer, Tom specializes in the genres of fantasy, horror, macabre and erotica. Many of his works are published. Be sure to check out Tom’s ongoing Mapleview project, a series of novels that relay the strangeness and horror of his fictional town, Mapleview. Currently published in the series is Amber—the death mask, and The Tree Goddess—a novel of mystery and macabre.
And don’t forget his debut publication, Freaked out Horror—ghosts, the macabre and really, weird things!
Tom Raimbault resides in the Chicago land area with his wife and two daughters. When not writing, he works as an RF technician at the lab of Freescale Semiconductor. He is self-described on his resume as a “technology professional” who has worked with cellular and IP infrastructure, biomedical equipment, emergency two-way radios and computer hardware.
Tom began to produce weird writings back in 2000 while working the graveyard shift. The nightly edits were emailed to a small collection of coworkers who looked forward to something unusual to keep them awake or humored.
This practice was ended when he was moved to a different shift. Sadly, his enjoyment of writing was forgotten for several years until the autumn of 2007 when old friends received a “blast from the past” email with the recognizable words, “Hello All”. The strange writings and short stories had resumed and a personal website was soon to follow.
Be sure to check his blog where he shares his daily freestyle writings, short stories and even deleted scenes or excerpts from his published books.

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Review by: Stefanie Cardino on Nov. 19, 2010 :
The Tree Goddess by Tom Raimbault is truly “a novel of mystery and macabre” as the author so eloquently puts it. This story is written in a unique perspective that comes with a story unfolding with a well read narrative. With each new chapter and turn of a page, the thrilling suspense within captivates the reader time and time again. From the legends and rumors surrounding the Trivelli family and house, to the strange events happening in and around Mapleview, Route 4, and Sillmac; the mystery will have you second guessing yourself as you try to sort out the facts from the fiction.

With each new disappearance that crops up, the plot only thickens; then just when you feel you can’t stand it anymore, and that you have the tangled web unwoven, a new twist leaves you dangling, grasping for more. A masterfully crafted ending pops up out of nowhere taking the reader by utter surprise. This book is well worth the read, and it is recommended that a second read be completed, for there are those little details that are picked up, which had been previously overlooked. This book is highly recommended for those avid readers of the mystery, suspense, macabre, thriller, and even drama genres. For this novel has a little bit of everything bound within its pages.
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