The Cycle of Resentment

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After being forced to leave her sheltered home at the age of seventeen, Christina Lawson is introduced to the world of sex, drugs, and all that's unfamiliar. Will Christina beat the odds, or will she simply let this unexpected territory destroy her promising destiny?

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Words: 123,690
Language: English
ISBN: 9781622091034
About Mesha Barton

(L)IVING (I)N (F)actual (E)vents

Nothing about life is simple. Good times will occur, and so will bad. Smiles will appear on our faces, and so will frowns. Strength and courage will become us, but sometimes fear and worry will too.

Life does not tell us when death or pain will occur. Life does not tell us when a friend will become a foe. It does not provide the time and dates as to when our hearts will be broken. There are times when life will respect us, then abuse us. Love us, and then hate us. Support us, and then turn right back around and neglect us.

When life decides to happen, it simply does, and unfortunately, life did not come with step-by-step instructions to show us how to deal with every situation and circumstance that comes our way.

However, certain situations can allow us to recognize our own strengths. They can teach us how to be strong and brave. They can shape us into soldiers and warriors by giving us the courage to keep pushing even after we’ve been knocked down. We are all champions in our own way,(and to me), that’s the special fact of life.

Do not let go when life gets too hard. Simply keep sustaining


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Review by: Jasmine Mitchell on Nov. 20, 2013 :
I think the cycle of resentment might have actually been the best read for me yet and I've read a lot of novels. this book however really makes you think... it puts you in a zone and really takes you through a journey. I felt like I was in the book with Christina (the main character) I felt the tears she cried and even cried with her at times., when she laughed, I laughed with her. this book is simply breathtaking and profound from beginning to end and I am just dying to get my hands on part 2!!!! if you haven't read this book you should def do so AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I tried to locate this book in store and online on amazon and was surprised to see that this was not available for purchase. not too many people have heard of this book nor the author which is very disappointing if you ask me. mesha barton is a amazing writer and deserves recognition! anyways... the BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR. 10 stars from me (Jazzy M)
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Review by: Abdul Shamsuddin on Oct. 31, 2012 :
I was entralled with Mesha's story, The Cycle of Resentment right from the very begining. The pain and passion in which Mesha laid out Christina Lawson's life stream held me bound to every word until I had read nearly two thiirds of her book before finally retiring for the night. However, first thing upon rising the next morning I took straight to her story once again.

I was spellbound at the rememberance and clarity of detail of the heart wrenchiing incidents that occurred in Christina's life from a child to adulthood.

The flow of the writing was such that when the book ended I found myself suddenly looking for more. Part 2 of this true life story can't come along fast enough.

This was a great first effort at writing for Mesha. I encourage her to keep up the good work.

Abdul Shamsuddin
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Review by: Anita Miller on Sep. 04, 2012 :
WOW! I never thought I would ever use the word Riveting, but it best describes what happens when you read Mesha's account of Christina Lawson's path. The Cycle of Resentment.

Riveting: Hold (someone or something) fast so as to make them incapable of movement.

I began reading sometime in the day of downloading and found this ebook the best reading that I had experienced. I was captured by the water like flow that Mesha has managed to orchestrate. I became immobile in the ocean of her words and at the same time, relaxed on the raft of Mesha's literature. I could not put my device down until I reached the shore, the finished line. The final letter, I was immersed until 3:50 am.

I was not cognizant of the time nor was I defined by time. I would say that I journeyed with Mesha. It was an honor to travel with her as she gave me Christina Lawson in the raw. I'm forever bonded. I'm glad to know that this story was based on true accounts...I couldn't imagine this path as a tale.

I support you Mesha and can hardly wait for Part 2.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this is my first time EVER reading a book in one day. Especially interesting to know is, I am a regressive reader, I usually read the same line and paragraph over and over... Making reading difficult and unwanted .
Mesha has a magic that she shares in her writing that has a way of removing obstacles. Capture some of that magic and partake of her gifts to the universe. Stay the course and embark on this young and new writer's wisdom, truly "born of pain".
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