`Amanda's War'

`Amanda's War' gives readers mystery, romance, intrigue and adventure: a 12-year-old girl makes some mistakes and is then forced to run from the police. More
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About Bill Etem

Bill Etem. Ex-Math teacher, ex-office worker, ex-lot of stuff. Ex-Football Coach at Notre Dame - at the High School of that name in Los Angeles, not the University in South Bend, IN. B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota. I'm living in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area. Before Minneapolis I was in Mexico for 20 months. Before that I was in L.A. for three years. I've traveled all round France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland... Canada...most of the 50 states in of the USA. As for living for 20 months in Mexico it was mostly in Oaxaca.

The lengthy 420,000 word `Constitutional History of the Western World' requires an abridgment, or several abridgments. `Some Practice in Recognizing Satanic Cults' is the most recent of these paraphrases. I published some rough early drafts of this and am spending August and September of 2014 trying to get a presentable draft online. Then there's `Protestantism' and `The Archangel Michael vs. The Antichrist'. There's `Introduction to Dumb-Ass Theory'. There's its companion piece, `Introduction to Genius Theory'. The intention with these books is to makes things easy for readers. Chapter 1 alone of `Constitutional History of the Western World' takes a great deal of stamina to read in its entirety - and I suppose many readers would find it beyond their endurance - but I think some of my later chapters, such as Chapter 3, which deals with the evidence for Christianity, and even the enormous Chapter 6, which deals with the USA, are easy reading. I suppose some people might not find it so easy - it deals with substantive due process of law, strict constructionism etc. For example Gov. Dayton here in Minnesota has been vascillating about what to do with a man named Thomas Duval, a 58-year-old habitual rapist. If the State sends him to a mental hospital after he serves his latest prison sentence then the State violates the federal Constitution's prohibition on double jeopardy. But if the State doesn't lock him up he will probably rape another girl / woman. Aside from all the drama of sex and violence, aside from the dramatic idiocy of a society which doesn't know how to protect itself from predators, the issue is also interesting because it is usually Conservatives - Right-Wingers - who clamor for Strict Constructionism - Apply the Constitution as it is written! - but under Strict Constructionism the habitual sex fiend, Duvall, would not be confined to a hospital for the criminally insane after he is freed from prison, and therefore he would be at liberty to prey on more women and girls. And most Right-Wingers are hostile to setting rapists loose to pray on their wives, daughters etc. All that the State has to do is argue that under the 5th and 14th Amendments to the federal constitution Minnesota is authorized to deprive Duval of his liberty after he has served his latest prison sentence, because this deprivation would uphold substantive due process of law, even though it would violate the federal Constitution's ban on double jeopardy. You don't have to be an expert on Yellow Dog contracts, `Schenk vs. United States', `Near vs. Minnesota', etc. to know what substantive due process of law means - it means justice - and therefore, as long as Amendments 5 and 14 are upheld, a State can both uphold the Constitution and also deny a man his protections against double jeopardy.

Getting back to my bio, I read lots of novels in my 20s - though i also read Gibbon and two of Paul Johnson's books, `Modern Times' and `A History of Christianity'. In my 30s I read lots of historians - Lea, Lecky, Buckle, Durant, Michelet, Lord Acton reread Gibbon etc. In my 40s I got into American constitutional Law. Now in my 50s I've been getting back into Math and Physics - I like the Shaum's Outlines, such as `Vector analysis with Intro to Tensor Analysis,' `Advanced Mathematics', `Lagragian Dynamics', `Quantum Mechanics', `Tensor Calculus,' `Theoretical Mechanics' etc., etc. I don't find scientists and mathematicians like Einstein, Weyl, Minkowski, Levi-Civita etc., comprehensible in the way that Murray R. Spiegel is comprehensible. He was a professor at Renssellaer Polytechnic Institute and he really knew how to make advanced math and physics comprehensible. I mean if you try to read Tullio Levi-Civita's `The Absolute Differentian Calculus' or Weyl's `Raum, Zeit, Materie' or Einstein's papers you wish someone would explain their explanations. I suppose a critic could argue that I need to spend less time reading Murray R. Spiegel and I need to spend more time researching my main themes. For instance, I don't devote much time to explaining the problems with Mormonism. Very early on in `Constitutional History of the Western World' the reader gets a big dose of the arguments against Roman Catholicism, but my arguments against Protestantism in that book were rather half-baked. We're looking for this Church which Christ founded on a rock. Assuming Christianity is true - and I make that assumption! - then you want to belong to this Church which Christ founded on a rock - Matthew 16. 13-19 - and you don't want to belong to some church which has fallen away from the True Faith - recall the Antichrist and `the falling away' mentioned in 2 Thess 2. Some arguments which say that the Protestant denominations under the sign of the cross have fallen away - all of them lead souls to perdition - because none of them is the Church which Christ founded on a rock, would be, 1) No Protestant sect can be the True Church because the Church of Rome is the True Church, and the Protestants are in rebellion against Rome, 2) No Protestant sect can be the Church which Christ founded on a rock because the Eastern Orthodox Church is God's True Church, 3) The Protestant sects.under the sign of the cross betray the True Faith for money reasons - like Judas they sell Christ for pieces of silver! - therefore, no Protestant sect under the sign of the cross is the Church which Christ founded on a rock. Therefore, they all lead souls to perdition. For instance, should it come to the attention of a Protestant congregation that there are people in their congregation who are adulterers, or fornicators, or people who labor on the Sabbath day, or people who support abortion rights, or people who are drunkards, or people who are covetous, but, nevertheless, these congregations take no steps to discipline the sinful sheep, such as via excommunication or threats of excommunication, this is because these congregations know that the sinful sheep will simply leave their congregation and will join up with a different Protestant congregation, and this will lead to cash-flow problems for Protestant churches which attempt to discipline their openly sinful members. So, to avoid cash-flow problems, there is no discipline of openly sinful members in the Protestant churches - and it is obviously ludicrous to think that a church which sells the True Faith for money is the Church which Christ founded on a rock. I suppose the typical Protestant minister assumes he leads souls to heaven. I assume he assumes he teaches the True Faith. So what is there to reform? He assumes his teaching might not be perfect but it is close enough. But if he has fallen away from the True Faith then he leads souls to perdition. There are no end of controversies, e.g.: is the Sports Illustared swim suit edition pornography and therefore looking at it a sin which leads one's soul to perdition? Or is Playboy all wrong but the swim suit edition is ok? etc., etc.

`I threw `Warrior Girls' together in three weeks in January of 2014, with a few later edits. `Warrior Girls' is a little preachy. I'll have to get a professional cover for it sometime, though i'm not quite sure it is finished. I suppose it was inspired somewhat by John Buchan's novels - i'm a huge fan of his autobiographical work `Memory-hold-the Door'. Buchan was one of those super-successful authors / statesmen - sort of like William F. Buckley Jr. - both being polemicists who never had much trouble getting published, unlike me.

`Amanda's War', which took me years to write, is not a preachy novel though I suppose there's a connection between it and my non-fiction via I Samuel 15. 23 `rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft' because `Amanda's War' deals with the theme of witchcraft, and `Constitutional History of the Western World' deals with religion and rebellion. There are other connections between my fiction and my non-fiction. In `Amanda's War' we are introduced to a character named Haakon Sovant. That's a nom de guerre: he's pretending to be someone that he's not for purposes useful in espionage and in his work as a body guard. Body guards are needed to protect a rich guy from some gangsters. The rich guy is receiving their extortion letters. Extortion letters are somewhat like religious books. The Koran has Allah threatening non-Muslims and insincere Muslims with hellfire if they don't convert and become good sincere Muslims. The New Testament is a document which is filled with terrifying threats. Note for example the threats of hellfire being made in Matthew 5. 22, Matthew 7. 13-14, Matthew 25. 31-46, Luke 16. 19-31, John 15. 6, Galatians 1. 8, 2 Thess 1. 7-9, Revelation 20. 12-15 etc. I'm a Christian and I'm not complaining about the threats. I'm just saying they are threats and people should be aware that they exist and they are threatening. Of course this is Old News to most people.

The theme of people changing after traumatic incidents was the theme of Robert Altman's `3 Women', starring Sissy Spacek and Shelly Duval - I forget who played the 3rd woman. In the Microcosm, in `Amanda's War', where a character named Haakon Sovant changes after a traumatic incident, readers are left to wonder if he changes because of benevolent forces or because of malevolent forces. Sovant's case history is symbolic of something greater, something which pertains to billions of people. In the Macrocosm, the Christian scriptures tell us about a great tribulation - see for instance Daniel 12. 1, 2 Thess 2 and the Book of Revelation - and during this great tribulation, presumably, billions of people each suffer a `traumatic incident' - and then they will change - rather as Sissy Spacek's character in `3 Women' changed, rather as Hakoon Sovant in `Amanda's War' changed, after their traumatic incidents. Whenever someone changes it's natural to wonder if they are changing in a good way or in a bad way.

I don't know how often I'll visit this site. If you want to contact me perhaps to offer a comment - positive or negative - constructive or otherwise - please address these to me not to my relatives. I can't promise I'll respond to every comment - a SASE always helps. My address:

Bill Etem
133 Crosstown Boulevard
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