Annotated Bibliography of Orgonomic Journals

Ten years in the making and originally intended to be a private reference for a PhD. I hope it will help those wishing to study Wilhelm Reich and orgone life-energy theory. It is an indepth synopsis, with commentary for most of the major post-Reich (post-1957) orgone journal articles, especially experimental papers. More
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About Leon Southgate

I started off life in London. My mum moved up to Nottingham to be near her family when I was about eleven. Leaving Nottingham, I returned to London to live with my Dad at sixteen. A little later, I ended up living in Liverpool. There followed sojourns in Derbyshire and Scotland until I settled on the Wirral.

My interest in what I now call 'life-force', 'orgone' or 'qi' probably started when I was still a child. My dad had a psychotherapy library with most of Wilhelm Reich's books. I think Peter Reich's, 'A Book of Dreams,' caught my eye and started my interest in orgonomy (Peter was Wilhelm's son). Orgonomy is the science of life-force named after orgone, Reich's term for this energy. At a deeper level orgone is a force rather than simply an energy but that is another story.

I did not know what I wanted to do till much later in life. Music seemed a good idea. A soul/pop type band that I was a part of in Liverpool (N-Trust - I was the keyboard player) broke up just as we were about to be signed to Sony - after many years of hard slog. I had also trained as a nurse so after the music folded I went back to this occupation. Eventually I trained as an Chinese medical acupuncturist.

Then at the end of the acupuncture course we were offered the chance to do a Master's research degree. Someone, or something sparked my childhood memory of Wilhelm Reich's work. I decided to to a research degree looking at the common foundation of Reich and Chinese medicine. Little did I know then what I had taken on. It was gruelling both in terms of work and from the sheer opposition I encountered. From this came a controversial and ground-breaking practical and theoretical study which became my first published book (look me up on Amazon to find it).

Slowly, I have begun to find myself. I have a leaning toward academia and I love fiction, quiet music and mountains. Neil Gaiman and Anthony Horowitz are amongst my favourite mainstream authors. I also love neo-classical piano and new age music. My favourite musician at the moment is Ludovico Einaudi. I will be forever grateful for being introduced to his work. It is so beautiful and so melancholy, its wonderful! Andreas Vollenweider, is also very important to me, especially his 1980's pre-Jazz era. Around the same time that I discovered an academic side to me (I wish I had known this during my school years) I started writing fiction. I tend to lean towards young adult science fiction/fantasy in both my reading and my writing. SpiritRunner is my first novel and a second part to the series (probably two, maybe three books altogether)is being written. I am interested in deep geo-politics, spiritual, cosmic and paranormal phenomena. I recommend Sky Channel 200 in the UK, Edge Media or as good jumping off points on those subjects.

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