Starlight Army

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There is a dark and hidden war going on all around the world. It is a war of cruelty against animals and it is happening right here and right now. Su Kane and the Starlight Army ride out with the Revolting Animals Motorcycle Club to fight for those who share our planet but have no voice. Join Su Kane on her journey from a girl into womanhood as she realizes people who care CAN make a difference. More

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Hello again. Davron Fans on B and N. You'll be interested in the new Davron story I'm working on Davron : The Universe Is Not Enough. I thought of doing a full length book, but Davron lends itself to a freebie serial. Davron, Belle, Matlock, Danders, Akrins and of course, Muffin the flying chimp have taken off from Spero and need a new place to live. Plenty of planets in the galaxy, you'd think. All they have to do is pick one, right? Life is never that simple. Not in my books they aren't. Expect the impossible and join the crew of the Romulus as a whole new bunch of nail biting adventures begin!
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Review by: David H. Keith on Oct. 14, 2012 :
Gary Weston has done it again: written a book that tugs at our humanity. Weston does a masterful job of dispelling the myths of all bikers being gangsters caring only about booze, bikes, and broads and the one about animals being insensate creatures here only for humanity's amusement.

His knack for dialogue is marvelous. I laughed out loud at some of the badinage among the bikers - I could see them drinking beer or some of Ferret's gods-awful cider and baiting each other good-naturedly. I've been there as have most people, I think, and his dialogue brought back some wonderful memories. Weston brings his characters to life and makes them real people, and someone we care about.

I would be remiss, however, if I were to ignore a distressing amount of grammatical errors in this book. Spelling, incorrect homophone, things like that. These were annoying and I wish they had been rooted out and corrected before publishing, but there it is.

That is not to say, however, that I dislike this book. I like it a great deal. It is one of the few books I shall hang onto and add to my library of treasures.

I so very much admire Su Kane, Cerbarus, Uncle Garf, all the other members of the Revolting Animals Motorcycle Club and, especially, the Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals. You all represent the best of us. Permit me to raise a wee pint of Guinness to you. Slainte!

David H. Keith
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Review by: Anna Scott Graham on Sep. 07, 2012 :
Gary Weston has crafted a perfect blend of facts and heartwarming humor as Su and her unlikely crew target dog fighters as well as industrial farmers. Weston pulls no punches, exposing cruelties exacted upon domestic and exotic animals with grace and honesty. Su learns a few lessons too; this reader was caught up in a riveting story with an even deeper meaning.
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Review by: sue kane on Sep. 02, 2012 :
Comradeship, compassion, biker lifestyle, animal welfare, a rollercoaster journey, when a young girl joins up with a motorcycle club their common interest in animal protection takes them through a corridor of adventure peppered with amusement emotion fun and sadness. A well written novel by Gary weston from New Zealand. Sue Kane
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Review by: Keith Taylor on Sep. 02, 2012 :
What a great read, this book takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. a book about bikers that have compassion and a desire to help animals escape from the cruelty that they suffer at the hands of their owners. They are joined by Su Kane a young girl who's eyes are opened to the mistreatment of animals at a very early age, this one incident shapes her transition from childhood to womanhood where her meeting with The Revolting Animals Motorcycle Club gives her the power to help give abused animals a voice and a chance to revolt against the people that treat them so cruelly .What a great book by Gary Weston, thought provoking sometimes shocking sometimes amusing but always compelling, you will just want to keep reading Set twenty years ago in the West Midlands of England,the Characters and their names are real and their activities in the book, though fictitious, are based on real events and the legalized animal cruelty and lack of compassion in some farming practices which existed then and in some instances still exist now. If this book makes one person stand up against animal abuse and cruelty it will have made a great achievement .
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