The Rise and Fall of A Modern-Day Icarus

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Are you lifting weights because you want to develop more muscle mass? Why do most think that more muscle mass leads to an increase of resting fat metabolism? When you hypertrophy your muscles, you are enlarging Type IIb muscle fibres, which are glycolytic. There is an increase of carbohydrate metabolism, not fat metabolism. I have had problems with stress. Read my life-struggle to understand why. More
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About A Wilson

I am 6'3". I am 50 years of age. I started working out at 19 after I read Arnold's book, The Education of A Bodybuilder.

I enjoyed my time trying to be big.

But I had health problems that seemed to come along with bigger muscles: hypertension, anxiety, sweating, chronic fatigue, upset, nauseated stomach and a occasional heart palpitations. They seemed to be linked together. I could never understand it.

And I could never get rid of it. O, how I tried.

I could not get satisfactory answers from any doctors or anyone that I talked to.

So I did my own personal research and could only come up with one conclusion.

Bigger muscles (i.e. trying to increase and inflate the muscle mass Type IIB muscle fibers associated with size and strength) did not increase fat metabolism at all. It increased carbohydrate metabolism.

The hype about bigger muscles increasing your metabolism is just that: pure marketing hype.

Why do I say that?

Because physiologically, the Type IIB muscle fibers do not contain mitochondria in great numbers at all. They contain precious few.

And mitochondria are the cell organelles where fat is broken down to produce Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP), the energy currency of the cell.

This occurs in mitochondria in what is known as the Krebs Cycle.

If there is little mitochondria in an "ordinary-sized" Type IIB muscle fiber, how is there going to be more in a hypertrophied Type IIB muscle fiber.

If it happens, I never read it.

That is what I have concluded from physiology and my own health problems when trying to be big like a bodybuilder.

God bless all.

Special Note: The book in print is not the Icarus book. I have written two books to illuminate my understanding and the understanding of others who wish to here the truth, not marketing falsehoods about wildly increasing fat metabolism. Thanks to all who have bought and/or downloaded my books.


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How your cellular metabolism impacts and shapes your muscle gains and why metabolic typing needs to be part of the knowledge resume if you are going to expand your musculature through a high carbohydrate diet.


Review by: John Hoolihan on Dec. 26, 2012 :
Excellent read. The author puts forth interesting ideas regarding metabolic rates as it relates to increasing muscle mass. Also relates the topic to his personal journey through life.
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