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Lorelei Huntington knows what it means to fall for the wrong guy.
She knows what it's like to hide in the dark and wait for the light to save her.
She knows how it feels, to watch while everyone you love
and everything in your life, is taken.

After fifty years of looking over her shoulder and running for her life, certain she could feel his breath at the base of her neck,
She is going home. More

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Published: Jan. 28, 2013
Words: 76,170
Language: Canadian English
ISBN: 9780991841141
About Tara Brown

I am the mother of two beautiful girls who are growing up so fast, the wife of a cute guy in a uniform (my own personal hero), and a writer.
My family will tell you it doesn't exactly fall into that order. Especially around dinner time when I "Cook" with a takeout menu and my face plastered to my computer.
I also have two cats who I adore more than I should, like more than people I know, and a dog. He is a beagle who is naughty but just so darned cute. He gives you that little beagle face and then steals your slice of pizza.
I have a busy mind and even busier fingers. I can write fast and keep track of a large cast, but I can't remember why I'm at the grocery store. I try to write lists but they always end up being notes for books or indie bands. I LOVE INDIE MUSIC!
I talk to myself in the car and sing too loud for my skill level. The invention of Bluetooth has made talking in the car less awkward but if you hear me singing, run.
I love writing. I love my characters like they are my friends and I am telling their version of the truth.
My worst flaw is the horrid English accent which I read everything with. If I read aloud it comes too. I'm not English, so I can't even do the accent which makes it awkward for anyone who is nearby.
My favourite authors are Robert Jordan and Jane Austen and Robert Mccammon and Jim Crace. I think Stephen King and Dean Koontz have the most unique imaginations. I have the hardest time not LOVING Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger. I know all the serial killers have a copy but I adored that novel. It made me feel a thousand different things and one of them was more alive. (And not in the least bit serial killer-ish)
When I grow up I want to be James Patterson or Nora Roberts. I aspire to be like them, always trying to hone my skills and work harder.
My genres are all over the map. I have Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Science Fiction, Erotica (under Sophie Starr my porn name so my mom doesn't know), Thrillers, and even some Romantic Comedies.

If you would like to reach me for whatever reason, please visit me at my facebook page - You can also email me at

Thanks for checking me out and I hope you got lost in something I wrote or it made you so HAPPY/SAD/BLISSFUL/TURNED ON/ANGRY/EXCITED/FRIGHTENED/HORRIFIED/MAD that you couldn't believe it.

The list of what is coming out this year is not completed. I will keep my Facebook page as up to date as I can.

Have a great day and happy reading!


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Review by: Christine Janes on May 06, 2013 : star star star star
4.25 out of 5 Stars

SYNOPSIS: Icy whispers brush against her cheeks when she's sleeping.
Most nights she wakes to the voices of her ancestors, always at 2:47 am.
Like all monsters, only the light keeps them at bay.

Lorelei Huntington knows what it means to fall for the wrong guy.
She knows what it's like to hide in the dark and wait for the light to save her.
She knows how it feels to watch while everyone you love,
and everything in your life, is taken.

After fifty years of looking over her shoulder and running for her life,
certain she could feel his breath at the base of her neck, the icy voices come back.
Again their whispers find her vulnerable and exhausted, just as they used to.
Fearful of seeing him again but desperate for answers, she goes home.

What she finds isn’t exactly what she left.
Who she finds, isn’t exactly dead or aged a day
But then again, neither is she.

REVIEW: Where do I begin without giving anything away???? I will try to keep my review short since I want you to experience this book with fresh eyes.
“Danger Lorelei. He is coming.”

Tara Brown has done it again. I thought I have figured out her “angles” in books, but I was wrong…big time. I don’t know where the Blackwater series is going to take us, but I know I want to find out NOW!! I need that sequel.

Lorelei is a great heroine in this book. She knows certain things are expected of her especially as a woman of the South in 1964. She is expected to feel and act a certain way. Sadly who Lorelei is supposed to marry is already selected for her by her family.

Then she meets Mr. Whitlock. Mr. Jameson Andrew “Whit” Whitlock. Whit is hot and dreamy and everything else

“I glace at him and know he took it all away. My love for him ruined everything.”

I had some concerns when I read the Synopsis and saw that the book was first going to start in 1964 and then switch to 2012. I hope that does not stop anyone from reading this book. The switch in periods is done well as only Tara Brown can do. She is an amazing storyteller. I love when an author can amaze me.

Did I skim? No. I was afraid I was going to miss something.
Pace of the story: Very good.
Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes
Positives: The writing. The mystery of what was going on. You never know what surprises will “show” up. Sidenote: In my next life if I have a chauffeur, I want one like Ramon.
Negatives: The story just ended. I thought I was missing something, so I reread the last chapter. I know this is part of the series and the ending was a “cliffy” but it took me a minute to go “OH.”
Do I recommend? Yes.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Becky Ropp on March 27, 2013 : star star star star star
I am a huge fan of this author and have loved all her books.  This book is in my top 3 favorites.  I absolutely loved this book.  I couldn't put it down once I read the first page.  I loved the story line, the characters, and the adult mental images (yummy).  I wasn't sure if I loved or hated Mr. Whitlock, but let's be honest what's not to love about a Scottish hero.  The tie in with the Devil's Roses was a nice surprise.  Read this book.  You will not regret it.  
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Emma McGarvey on March 24, 2013 : star star star star star
Absolutely awesome read. I have loved all of Tara's books and get apprehensive when a new one comes out as I don't see how they can get any better. BUT, she doesn't fail.
This book has just the right amount of twists and turns. Incredibly sexy read with characters that you can relate to and feel for. Mr Whitlock, what a man and with a Scottish accent he gets you feeling this a book shouldn't.
It leaves you wanting more, as Tara does with all her reads! I can't wait for the 2nd book. I can't recommend this book enough, especially if you are a fan of the devils roses :)
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Shianne Knepper on March 23, 2013 : star star star star star
I received an ARC copy for an honest review.

So I have now read all but one of her books, and that one is being saved for a rainy day. If any of you have read her work and liked the Devil’s Roses series, I highly recommend this book.

In Baton Rouge, 1964, Lorelei Huntington is just finishing up with finishing school and learning to be a ‘proper’ southern lady when this story starts. At 2:47am she wakes to icy whispers every night. They terrify her, so she has her best friend/driver’s grandmamma make them go away. It’s only later on that she realizes what the whispers really are. One day, Ramon (her best friend/driver) is driving her home when the car gets overheated and he leaves to go find help. This is when Mr. Whitlock is introduced and, if you’re anything like me or Lorelei, you fall for him instantly. Their story, which bounces from 1964 to 2012 and back, captivates you and makes you feel everything that Lorelei feels. Like in her book The Lonely, Tara Brown has me rooting for the wrong guy and loving every second of it.

There has not been a single book by Tara Brown that I have disliked, and this one is no exception. Though her books are mostly paranormal, she makes her characters come to life and seem real. Towards the end of this one, she brings in some characters that I was beyond excited to see! So thank you Tara Brown for your amazing writing. You have a real talent and I wish I could convince everyone to give your books a chance. Each new one that I read becomes my new favorite. Now I just need to find a way to waste time until Born 2 comes out! (:
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Sara Wyers on March 14, 2013 : star star star star star
I received a ARC copy for an honest review.

O.M.G!!! I love all of Tara's books that I have read. And let me tell you, they just keep getting better. I LOVE how she brings out the dark side of things. I don't know how else to put it, but ( I have falling in love with Tara's writing) She brings out feelings I know nothings about LOL! I am used to feeling the love in the different books I read, but this is so different.
I love the story line. Set in Louisiana, 1963 & some 2012 . Lorelei is a bad ass character! I felt so helpless reading her story with her mother. If I could have, I would have went into the book myself!! How could a mother be so cold and hateful?
Mr. Whitlock.....oh a man with a Scottish background , and SEXY accent! You got to love a man so mysterious. Who could be mad at him? I know I couldn't.
I was and still not very good at English ( in school ) but I love to read! There were a few misspelled words but not a lot. Thank you so much Tara Brown for letting me read/review this amazing book! Oh and one more thing. The hot and heavy parts were awesome!!! :) I recommend this book to anyone 18 and over.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

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