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Exo Corps are the garbage pickers of the fleet. We’re also the advanced scouts. The high speed pursuit and the high-risk terrain. You don’t get assigned to Exo unless there’s nowhere else to go. You’re always on some whacked mission where you’re about to be shot in the back of the sensor array. To the places the enemy’s sensor jamming, because they can’t just blanket nuke every planet we come to. More
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Published: Feb. 08, 2013
Words: 4,110
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301915811
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Review by: Francis W. Porretto on Feb. 09, 2013 : star star star star star
Aha! Drop ships and powered armor? A ground trooper lieutenant on the same ship with his father? Do I detect a little Starship Troopers influence in there somewhere?

I don't recall another of your stories written in present tense. You handled it well, except for the usual stippling of going-too-fast low-level errors. (Is it Rochet or Trochet? And watch out for those FLECHETTES.) If I have a quibble other than that, it would be that though there's quite a lot of bloodshed, there doesn't appear to be a point -- a theme.

Is this to be part of another group of stories united around a single backstory and setting?

(For a particularly technoidal take on this sort of combat, you might enjoy Travis S. Taylor's "One Day on Mars," "The Tau Ceti Agenda," and "One Good Soldier.")
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