The Blaze Ignites

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The problem with Azrel’s magic has been revealed. Now Azrel has the daunting task of trying to live with this problem and at the same time try to fix it, with no idea how to.

Meanwhile, creatures of Shadow are emerging in vast numbers across Casdanarus foretelling the beginning of a Second Shadow across the world. More

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Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Words: 123,700
Language: English
ISBN: 9780988336018
About Nichelle Rae

I am a fantasy author and a Christian. Currently I am working on an on going 7 book series called The White Warrior Series. Book #1 "Only A Glow," book #2 "The Blaze Ignites," and book #3 "Steady Burn" are available now for ebook download.

God is good. I have been truly blessed with the opportunity to do what I love, and that is tell stories. I am a STRONG supporter of escapism and try to incorporate that into all of my novels. The best complement someone can give me is that my stories took them out of their world and into a whole other one that they love.

Random Fun Facts:
I love water in all forms, Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Rain, Sprinklers, etc. I'm the type of person that goes for a walk during a Thunderstorm LOL

I love the moon. I've seen it all shapes and sizes including a blood red crescent (no eclipse to accompany it) and I saw it when I was in high school and it was only like 10,000 miles from the was HUGE! I've also seen it in the coolest looking skies you can imagine, because I make a point to look up at it every night.

My favorite smell is a wood burning stove on a crisp, cold fall or winter night. It makes me think of a cozy evening, holding a mug of hot chocolate and talking all night.

My favorite color is Apricot (mix of pink and orange) because it reminds me of both sunrises and sunsets.

I cannot LIVE without my editor! :D She is fabulous. She makes me sound like a genius without taking away from my story. :)

Sagittarius. Frank, Enthusiastic, Stimulating, Optimistic, Generous, Candid, Impulsive, Open and Honest, Fair, Sensual, Eager, Care-Free, Good Judgment, Sincere, Adventurous, & Positive Thinker.

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Review by: John Bachert on June 18, 2013 :
Oh yeah and 10 stars rating but i can only go As high as 5. Forgot the stars at the bottom of last review
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Review by: John Bachert on June 18, 2013 : (no rating)
Finally getting a chance to put up my review and after just finishing The Blaze Ignites for a second time, I find it refreshing and full of action and love. Following Azrel, Ortheldo, Rabryn and the rest of the Crew through Casdanarus on their many adventures is exciting, heart breaking, and light hearted at the right moments. The characters having more depth as the story continues. I'm a man of 31 years old, and find that although not alot of men want to openly show their emotions, the author shows us how these strong, tough men have real powerful, strong emotions inhow they think, it doesnt show on the outside looking in.

My words to those interested in pornographic romance books and that think that men should have the emotional range of a teaspoon, try 50 shades or something of The like by one of those cookiecutter authors.

Thank you Miss Rae for another awesome book. Cant wait for the next in the series :)

~John Bachert
New York. Not the city
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Review by: Per Holbo on May 21, 2013 :
I´ve had some serious issues with this book.
First and foremost, some of the characters seem unrealistic. The majority of the male characters practically juice themselves in emotional doubts that usually work better with female characters. Rabryn, Azrel´s younger brother, who is one of her main protectors and Ortheldo, who has been like a surrogate father to Azrel since her own father´s death, spend the major part of their inner dialogue on rantings about not being good enough and doubting their every move. Men do have feelings and doubts, but we´re not even close to being as complicated as women. (Slap me on the wrist, if you want...)

Secondly, this book has roughly 123,000 words - to tell this story, 90,000 should suffice.
Usually you would like the story to build up gradually, preparing you for what is coming, extending the excitement and then, BANG! the action gives you what you´ve been waiting for.
In this book, the story is built up gradually, preparing you for what is coming, extending the excitement and then... the author seems to think you need a break and a kitkat - because those are the times when she decides to either give you a recap of previous events, a flash back to a characters history or maybe present you with yet another character´s inner dialogue filled with sobbing and crying and doubting themselves or their friends... And when the action finally starts, you´re just not into it anymore...

However, the plot, the story and the inner life of the characters all have potential and even with these issues, the book is readable and the story makes sense.

I give it two stars out of five.
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Review by: crpgnut on March 25, 2013 :
Okay, finished book two a few minutes ago. The editing is much better this time, though it could have used another pass with someone actually reading the words. A word can be a correctly typed but be used wrong in context.

I'm going to review it twice:

As a romance novel:

Book two feels like almost the same story as book one. We still have Azrel and Otheldo madly in love but unable to talk to each other. Her brother has a new love too and he can't talk to her either. All the main characters are super good-looking and have no non-mental faults.

This book is mostly a Christian teen romance book with fantasy trappings. No sex, though the author believes that seeing naked bodies is the ultimate, as this happens more than once in the two books. It's just a quirk though, and doesn't really detract. I'd highly suggest this book for young teen females who have or dream of having a high moral standard. If you like unrequited love stories, this book should be 5 stars for you.

As a fantasy:

If you are wanting an epic fantasy novel, the book isn't as good. There is still some magic; but the details are very slim. Combat scenes are generally told in a paragraph or two; in contrast to the copious amounts of characters worrying about what everyone thinks of them. Males do not think the way that the author supposes, which makes this book easier to get through if you are a younger female as opposed to a middle-aged man :) As a fantasy it's 2 1/2 stars.

I have high hopes that the author will mature on the fantasy side of things as she gets more experience. If she could balance the fantasy so that it equals the romance, that would be a wonderful next step. I'll give 3 stars as the author has a lot of promise.

If you like magic and romance together, try Sharon Green's Blendings series and Sharon Shinn's Twelve Houses series too. Those authors are a potential future for this young lady.
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