The Deliberate Poisoning of Earth

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This ebook contains 4 chapters & over 80 pics; grouped in Attack Formations. Because Humanity is Under Attack! WE face Attack from; Air Assault , Radiation, Chemicals & Water.
Just as Spartacus faced the Roman Army from all directions, we are in a similar situation. This ebook is designed to Shock you, Outrage you & get You motivated to Do Something! More
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Words: 25,640
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301184095
Tags: nature
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Steve Nelson is a resident of N. Ogden, Utah.
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Review by: Kendra Blewitt on Dec. 08, 2013 :
I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I don’t think the author, Nelson, completely knows what he is talking about. I think his mind is generally in the right place, and I think his will is generally in the right direction, however I don’t think he is educated regarding the discipline of philosophy, therefore even if his will is good, this consideration limits his capabilities. I, who have studied philosophy, and who have acquired some understanding of Kant, think the first thing we must do, regarding the phenomenon of chemtrails, (which I think are real), is to give heed to the distinction between what we truly know, and what we merely imagine. I think, in the first place, that better evidence than what is ordinarily available, regarding the existence of chemtrails, which are said to be particles of aluminum and other substances, should exist in the public Internet media before we can say for sure that we are talking about a reality. There is so much disinformation going on that we have to be careful. Disinformation is false news being disseminated for the purpose of preventing real, true news from entering the public mind. This disinformation stuff is contrary to basic American values, and those engaged in it ought to be tried for treason, nevertheless this evil stuff is a presence in our midst, and if we are to be realistic we must act accordingly. There are strong forces that want to steer our beliefs in certain directions in this mental-space area of the question of chemtrails, and we must be aware of this force that is acting upon our own mind when we give thought to this subject. The devil dismissed, or perhaps it is just the human condition of stupidity, (which affects us all), we should consider that the real problem that these un-American forces of disinformation want to hide is the Thermite Argument of 9-11. There exists an irrefutable argument that thermite was burning in the Twin Towers when they fell to the ground, killing 3,000 Americans trapped inside them. There are super-powerful political forces that want to hide this highly politically significant truth. Therefore it is possible that the chemtrail thing might be a trap, which is aimed at taking care of the real problem, which is the powerful Thermite Argument of 9/11. Conceivably they could be spraying mere talcum powder in the sky, the intention of which is to make fools of “conspiracy theorists.” We must be cautious therefore. Dane Wiggington says he has done hundreds of chemical analyses of water and soil samples, which show a presence of aluminum and other unnatural substances. That is pretty good evidence, however given the social-spacial situation, I think we need much better evidence than that. Ron Paul, Rocky Anderson, or some other public figure whom we know and trust as being genuinely American should acquire hair samples from barber shops and hair salons in various states and test them for aluminum content. We need evidence like this before we Americans can be confident in the assertion that chemtrails are real, (which I think is true), due to the strong winds of disinformation, or the lies that exist in our American social “space,” I believe.
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Review by: Richard Goscicki on June 17, 2013 :
When I first read Steve Nelson’s description of "The Deliberate Poisoning of Earth" I said to myself, “what a coincidence.” My novel, "Mirror Reversal," deals with the same subject matter. But I failed to focus on the word “deliberate.” The latter deals with the poisoning of the planet as an unavoidable byproduct of stupidity and greed, rather than a malefic attempt to kill people by secretly poisoning the atmosphere in order to decrease the human population.

Being somewhat of an insomniac, during the ‘80s and ‘90s I was a steady listener of the old Art Bell Show, Coast to Coast. The radio show specialized on the supernatural, from ghosts and psychics, to witches and UFOs. As soon as I saw Steve’s section on Chemtrails I couldn’t help but make the connection. Y2K anybody? Art had his listeners in mortal fear and the closing days of the century approached certain calamity that the cyber world was coming to a certain crash landing: banks defaulting, NORAD going haywire, even our own personal computers doing their own thing.

I myself am an atheist and staunch anti-supernaturalist. If I don’t even believe in God, I’m certainly not going to believe in conspiracy theories. But I find this stuff immensely entertaining and fun. The Art Bell Show was immensely popular. It’s just that I fail to accept the evidence that would cause such a major change in my worldview—that being, things are tough enough, so don’t make it worse with irrational fears.

So, if the reader is attracted to such phenomena, UFOs and malefic corporations keen on making the planet sicker than it is, I recommend this fun and well written book. Steve does a fine job of presenting the material he had.

The only trouble is, Bell was trumpeting the dangers of Chemtrails since the ‘80s, 30 years ago, and people are living longer than ever. The other problem with the theory is that the board of directors of Monsanto has to live on the planet just like everybody else.
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