Blacks & Whites of Poetry

A collection of 47 poems, written in times of smiles and tears, sadness and joy, wins and losses, coming straight from dreams and imaginations.
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About Rayan Ali

"I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of Beauty."
-Edgar Allan Poe
Writing has always been one of my greatest passions.I first started with simple poetry at the age of 9.As i grew older, the world of books fascinated me more than anything.For me,books are like a whole new universe.The characters in them are not just characters for me;they are like real beings right before me, telling me their stories.Call it wild imagination,but it sure has helped me see possibilities where none seem to exist.
The Decipherment is the first book I have written,at the age of 16.Other than that,I have written poems and short stories as well.Though I love writing, I’m not going to adopt is as a profession.My aims lie solely in the medical field, for neurosurgery or any other related field,since I find the study of the brain very very interesting.But, I am not going to give up on writing.No way.The thing with writing is that one can do it anytime,at any place. Contrary to that, medical is not something that can be done anytime.So I will take writing side by side along with my profession.I have a very vivid imagination so I can make up stories and characters in my head even while tearing open someone’s skull to operate on their brain.
Besides writing, I indulge myself in other activities such as watching movies,painting,enjoying music and studying, of course.I’m an introvert but can make friends easily.I don’t go out much and hence I don’t get a chance to meet that many people as one might expect but I tend to fulfill that need by meeting characters from the books I read. Like I said, books offer a universe to me, and the characters in them are people I meet.Besides,it’s nice to just sit back and relax,listen to them tell their stories and adventures without saying anything.
I am from Pakistan, but I cuurently live in Al-Jubail City, KSA. I like travelling and wish to do so once I become a doctor and have a good worklife. There's so much out there for one to see that it's hard to spend a long time in one place. I like art,symbology and history and things like that, so I wish to travel to places where such things are found abundantly. However, the one specific place I have in mind that I wish to go to is Vatican City. I would give anything to even steal a glance at all the amazing art sculptors and beautiful craftsworks and symbology that is the life of that place. So much beauty in one place,its hard to miss it.
That is another reason I like books: sitting at home one can visit so many places without even going there.Professional writers are very very lucky in that respect because they get to travel alot and find topics to write on and do research for it.
I don't have that luxury now, but I have something far better: imagination.With the help of it,one can create anything and everything.Besides, if there was no imagination in man's head, he wouldn't have made all the pretty things we go to see around the world.
I was self-introduced to the magical world of books at the age of 11 and the book that really made me want to read and write was Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.That guy is a simple genius.He is like the Enstein of writing.So i guess I owe it to him for introducing me to the amazing world of books.He is my most favourite author. Other than him,I like authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Khalil Gibran,Rudyard Kipling,Michael Scott, Michael Robotham and Scott Mariani.I owe a whole lot of wild ideas and imginations to these masterminds.They have showed me, through their characters and stories,how life can be made gorgeous by using the right words at the right time.
I don’t plan to become another Shakespeare or something like that, but I do wish to share my work out there for those who I know will appreciate it for what it’s worth.

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