Slow Burn: Zero Day, Book 1

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The infection has unexpectedly made its US landfall in Austin, Texas. Zed Zane is viciously attacked and bitten before anybody understands what’s going on. With the virus coursing through his veins, he struggles for his life against the infected who might kill him, and the uninfected who fear him. More
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Words: 48,370
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301410804
About Bobby Adair

Bobby was conceived in Japan, born in Michigan, is a card carrying Cherokee, is descended from a Polish slave, an African slave, countless European immigrants, and displaced American Indians. He grew up as a military brat, so lived in ten different states and lost count of the schools he attended before finally graduating high school in Texas. After attending the University of Texas, he lived most of his adult life in and around Austin before moving to Colorado in 2012.

Bobby has starved as a guitar player in a penniless metal band, spent too much money as the owner of several successful restaurants, spent years working for "the man" in large companies as a computer programmer, and made and lost more money than he'd like to admit playing in the stock market.

These days, he spends his time walking his dogs, mountain biking, road biking, hiking in the mountains, still writing code for "the man", and chasing his dream of becoming a successful writer.

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Review by: Jim LeMay on Jan. 18, 2015 :
I'm tired of zombie books, movies, et al. but I'm also a sucker for free books. Glad I read this one for several reasons. The first is the protagonist, Zed, a young man with no particular goal in life. He's flawed but likeable. He faces the advent of this horrible disease cluelessly but adapts, learns and grows.

I also found the disease more believable than usual. It's more complex than most "Z-Diseases" with various levels of infection. Zed for example, is one of the slow-burners, who contract the disease but remain mostly normal. Interestingly, he is able to walk among the infected brain-fried (usually) without danger.

Other interesting characters appear and interrelate believably. The story is a page turner with the right mix of violence and compassion with a sense of menace always lurking in the background.

The only distraction (a minor one) was the book's need for more careful editing.
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Review by: Mary Blackwell on Oct. 30, 2014 :
This tale starts with Zed, a disengaged young man, waking and going to beg his Mother and partner for the rent money. He has a bad relationship with them, but even so he does not expect to find what he does. He may feel he does not feel emotions, but clearly he has a moral compass as despite the injury he gets fighting off his step-father, he calls the police.

The remainder of the book is about how Zed deals with the changing circumstances around him with little knowledge or insight, trusting people to find this is repaid or not with little understanding of what might happen.

He learns and grows. He is a great character whom I liked from the word go. Bobby Adair builds the scenario relentlessly. Within the bizarre situation, what is known and discovered makes sense. The danger is omnipresent with some small lulls to give you a chance to relax before the next onslaught. Great writing, a real page turner.

I have just purchased the next two books to find out what happens next. However, even if you can only get this free book one, the story is sufficient to itself.
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Review by: chucklesthescot on April 10, 2014 :
Going to eat at his mother's house and beg her for rent money is not high on Zed's list of fun days out-neither is finding her mauled and his zombie stepdad biting him. After passing out from the fever of the infected bite and ending up arrested for murder, Zed is in jail when all hell breaks loose in town. Even if he can escape, is there anywhere safe?

I liked Zed. He is the original anti-hero, a guy who is a bit of a waster and scrounges money from his parents, and knows pretty much nothing about surviving prison or zombie apocalypses. He has no clue how to identify a brand of weapon never mind use a gun, which is refreshing, or how to hot wire cars. He relies on Murphy to help him escape. Murphy is a great character and I get the image of Michael Clarke Duncan(The Green Mile, Armageddon)when I think of him. Zed and Murphy are well developed characters who aren't superheroes, who get things wrong and who get into trouble. They are believable and real, and this is part of why I liked the book. You are certainly rooting for them, which is a must in a zombie book!

It's not easy to find a different kind of zombie plot without it going too far away from traditional zombies, but this book has something different. There are those who are infected and die straight away, coming back as zombies. Then there are those like Zed who survive the initial infection-'slow burners' who aren't zombies but they aren't fully human now either and nobody knows when they will turn so nobody trusts them. Slow burners can evade the zombies in some cases but not in others which was intriguing. We get a small bit of back story on the outbreak in Africa without info dumps or lots of scientific stuff-for the most part Zed and the reader are both guessing about what else is happening with government and infection rates.

The plot itself is good. This is a zombie book that is FULL of zombie attacks and dangerous situations, sneaking around looking for supplies, rescues, crazy plans...all the things you want in your book. The action sequences are well written and explosive and there is a good mixture of gore and tension throughout. I'm hoping to get a look at the second part depending on price but I recommend this to traditional zombie and horror fans. 3.5 stars!
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Review by: Michener 78 on Sep. 15, 2013 :
T Zombierific, twists and turns and enjoyable. I have read over 100 zombie stories/novels and I appreciate when I find a story with some different types of situations. I'm looking forward to book two. The characters are interesting and some quite likeable.:-)
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Review by: MIGUELITO on Sep. 09, 2013 :
A very good and interesting read. Please hurry and finish book 2. Thanks for a very good read.
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Review by: GG Atcheson on Sep. 08, 2013 :
I might be biased since it was officially my first Zombie book, but I can honestly say that I loved it and every time I put my Ereader aside, it called me back. I wanted to know what would happen next.

This is not your regular horror story as we see what happens in the first POV through the eyes of a slow burn: one that has been infected but is somewhat resisting the disease.

Zed is a regular guy, not interested in the news, so when all this happened he was taken by surprise. Albeit all that, he never gave up. He is a stand up guy, faithful to his new friend Murphy even though most human beings would have ran and tried to save their own life at some point. So over all, I liked the main character. It is easy to put yourself into his shoes.

The story reads well. Bobby Adair has a great explanation on how the epidemic started, which makes it plausible (and scary). I would recommend this book for any fan of Zombies, Epidemic or End of the world genre and to any one who likes a good story. I am looking forward to read the second installment.
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Review by: candi davenport on Sep. 04, 2013 :
Awesome book! I'll be watching for the next one.
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Review by: Lena Ski on Aug. 11, 2013 :
It's been a while since I tucked into a Horror, but I sure am glad that I did...
Slow Burn: Zero Day makes a bang as the official welcome to the end of the world. It's an intense, epic and apocalyptic saga. It winds itself around you- leaving you in suspense on every page.

You've been bitten! So you might as well just go with it (right from the get go).
Giving myself a moment to catch my breath before putting the proverbial pen to paper, what emerged for me was every nuance that was embedded in this read.

This is a story of suspended suspense, limbo, fear, disgust and the unknown. It's about our own struggle to survive our inner wars. The kinds of wars that and gorge us from our sadistic, primal, animal-self in favor of the human-spirit. In that space, it speaks to endurance, control, hope, faith and the choice to carry on being human.

It's interesting to read something like this from the perspective of a character who finds himself caught between two worlds. This in itself takes the classic Zombie story to a whole new level. As much as the reader learns to hate the Zombie, there's a sort of affection towards Zed as he moves through the page between states of life and death.

Sure it's got all that rah-rah grrrrr of blood and gore, shadows and grunts, which you would typically associate with a zombie cult piece. So if you're into just that ... you'll be find delight in it. And if you're squeamish or faint of heart, somehow you'll read it as nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just part of staying alive. A necessary evil.

Prepare to tuck yourself in as the world falls apart.

Lena Ski
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Review by: Evita Patton on July 27, 2013 :
Bobby Adair’s Slow Burn: Zero Day, Book 1 is a fun interesting story that literally kept me at the edge of my seat. I loved that this story is well written, and the author was able to successfully keep me engaged in what was happening. A great story with a good characters. Highly recommended.
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