Her Shameful Desires - Background Scenes Book 1

This is adapted from 'The Princess, Her Harem, Her Brother and the Duel'. It consists of 2 background stories for book 1 of 'Her Shameful Desires'. The first describes how Princess Maria became a Princess, and just how it was that her Knights betrayed her. The second describes the night on which her Priestess ravaged her beloved helper before her and numerous other women besides More
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ISBN: 9781301768158
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This includes one, a trailer book for "The Princess, Her Harem, Her Brother And The Duel", that Smashwords will not publish due to it having incomplete sections.


So far, I have published two original full-length novels in two different versions:

1. "The Princess, Her Harem, Her Brother and the Duel" (Contains incest.)
2. "Her Shameful Desires"

Each series comprises of two full length novels, with one set of free background stories. I consider the story to be one in which an eccentric / mildly insane heroine loves someone despite the social norms of the culture in which she lives. Given that premise, I believe that it does not matter if the norm in question is a taboo against sex with blood relatives, or a taboo against sex with people of a lower class; so long as the characters in question truly believe in that taboo. No matter which taboo you would prefer to read about, you are still getting the same story, and I hope that you enjoy it. m(_ _)m

(And... If you don't, please let me know. These are my first books, and I am all too aware that I need to improve.)

Well, regardless of which one you read, they are both relatively light hearted works. The setting is a paradisiacal world where there is no hatred or violence against or between women. Furthermore, the female inhabitants occupy a virtual world whilst asleep and, because they do almost all of their working / socializing during those hours, they are therefore free to spend the day doing little else apart from satisfying their excessive sexual desires.

# # #

Current In-Progress Works:
Series 1 Original Title:A Report on the Behavioral Problems at St. April's School for Girls
Series 1 Current Title: The Oblivious God. (Not sure yet...)
Series 1 Projected Length: As short as I can keep it (ideally under 100 thousand words total) / Two books.

I've switched to working on "The Oblivious God" because (A) I write incredibly slowly, and (B) I can't risk spending years on "She Will Devour Them All" if people don't like the revisions I've made to my writing style. I'm hoping that by doing something far shorter I can get enough feedback (1 or 2 constructive pieces would be nice!) or sales information to confirm that I have improved since "The Princess, Her Harem, Her Brother and The Duel". I'm also worried that I might spend too much time on the multiple-versions (see below for details!) only to find that it puts people off.

Series 2 Original Title: A Very European Roadtrip.
Series 2 Current Title: She Will Devour Them All.
Series 2 Projected Length: Hundreds of thousands of words / Trilogy.

I had intended to write a romance / sexual exploration novel set on modern-day Earth, but after 50,000 words and multiple restarts (mainly for tense and perspective) I realized that I needed more from it. It is now set in a world populated by what we would call supernatural beings - that is to say; vampires, werewolves and the like - and although many of the events are the same, the setting has become far darker than I had originally envisaged.

I am still intent on reducing the amount of plot progression via/during sexual events (at least after the first 3 prologue chapters), and I will continue to avoid describing characters. (What I like is probably not what you like, so I would rather you just imagine the most attractive characters that you can.)

And now the controversial bit...

Please don't be put off by this, but I am working on multiple versions of this story (at the same time, rather than one after the other as I did with the novels mentioned above), and I am hoping that the reader will buy one book then choose the sort of subjects / sex that he/she would prefer to read. At the moment there are two distinct worlds (one without male bisexuality and one with an (over!) abundance of it), and there are three levels to each world. One is relatively soft-core, one is even more hard-core and one contains taboo subjects. The "hard-core" version adds a bdsm arc alongside squirting and lactation elements; whilst the taboo version adds a watersports arc alongside incest.

It is my intention to sell all six versions of each part of the trilogy in one book. Due to the fact that some publishers wouldn't even look at it if I did only that, I will also sell the four non-taboo versions in a single book as well.

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