California Punk

When a friend finds himself wanted and in trouble and needs to get away the only thing to do is take him out to the desert, Las Vegas, where he can hide. But how far do you have to go to escape from your own self? An adventure in search of freedom, and ultimately, for the human soul.

Available formats: epub

Published: Aug. 29, 2013
Words: 51,090
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301646159
About Alex Ramirez

I'm a writer in the same sense as punk rockers were musicians - they make music, I write stories. But every other preconceived notion you may hold about those mediums you may as well throw out the window. The only objective is to elicit an emotion from the audience, to take them from where they were and bring them to some place new.
Loud, offensive, vulgar. These are the things that I strive for in my writing; as a writer I want to punch you in the face and make you feel something - even if it is only quick shot of pain.


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