Jayden & the Mysterious Mountain

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When a rich grandfather figure, strangely appears in the dark street, to rescue the young boy Jayden from homelessness, a life better than his dreams has come true. He is taken to a five star hotel – no, actually a school called The Sanctum, camouflaged in the mountains. The students build and operate high tech equipment, including surrogate robots all to fight against terrorism. Or are they? More
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About Katrina Cope

I grew up in a small country town with plenty of time to let my creativity run wild. This was fueled with a large amount of time spent traveling to different areas of the world, coming in contact with many different personalities and cultures.

The last eight years has been spent running a small business with my husband and raising three young boys and writing in any spare time.

After finishing my first book, it came to light just how much I love writing and I now write a great deal more. My boys are growing up, approaching the teenage years quickly, allowing me more time to write and asking for the next book.


Review by: Sheila Bliss on July 07, 2014 :
Jayden and the Mysterious Mountain was a refreshing, exciting read. I loved the idea of forgotten, wayward teenagers finding purpose and direction in life by fighting terrorism. Katrina's message of empowering pre-teens and teens by giving them a mission and hope is desperately needed in today's society. Children and teens will love this book and cheer for Jayden and his crew. I can't wait to uncover Scarlett's journey in the next book. Well done, Katrina. Sheila Bliss, author of Choices
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Review by: Phil Leader on April 28, 2014 :
​I read this book on my recent holiday and it kept me enthralled, my eReader didn't leave my side and I was always itching to read a bit more to see what happened next.

At the start of the story Jayden is 11 and due to family problems is sleeping rough. One night he is given an opportunity to turn his life around from an unexpected source. Dubious at first, Jayden accepts and is soon settling into a new life, studying at a secret school where all the pupils are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Clearly there is a purpose behind the school, but what exactly is it?

This is a hard book to review simply because it's tough to give any idea of the story without spoiling it. And really this is a story I don't want to spoil for anyone.

Although aimed at young adults (particularly around 11, the same age as Jayden) as with all the best young adult fiction it's an excellent read for anyone.

The plot is really well handled; The journey of Jayden and his friends is one aspect, the purpose of the school another and the reader is kept on their toes by regular twists and turns. Some of these are totally unexpected, others are nicely flagged for the observant reader who will feel very pleased with themselves for having spotted the clue.

The characters are all clearly drawn and the descriptions are detailed enough to sketch them out out not laboured and allow enough space for the reader's imagination to add the finishing touches. All the main characters are very positive role models for young people and many will identify with them and hopefully appreciate how they develop. The writing moves at a really good pace and it is never slow and always grabs attention.

There are moments of humour - mostly around the student's antics either trying to break the rules or playing tricks on each other. Much darker threads are wound in with skill by Cope covering topics such as drug abuse, bullying and terrorism but these are never laboured and always dealt with sympathetically and optimistically. As a parent it is great to see these topics mentioned.

My 9-going-on-10 year old read this book and said it was 'great' and could he have 'more like that'. I don't think you could get a better recommendation.

Overall this is definitely a must read, not just for its target audience but anyone who wants to read a thoughtfully constructed, engaging and thrilling story. I will definitely be reading the sequel.
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Review by: Ashley Sonju on Feb. 03, 2014 :
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

2.5 rounded up to 3.

Jayden and the Mysterious Mountain is the story of a young homeless boy, named Jayden, who is taken and brought to a mysterious school, the Sanctum, made for homeless children. It's required to have at least a 95% in order for him to stay there, and it is very difficult course work.

I found the story extremely boring once Jayden got to the school. I didn't mind the beginning. It might be better for young teen readers than for myself. However, nothing really happened until the end of the book. By the ending, I had to keep reading to find out more. However, before that, it was hard to keep focused. It was a short book and it took a long time for me to finish it.

I enjoyed the author's description of everything. There was a lot of detail as to the location of the school, as well as the projects and technology. I enjoyed reading about the technology with the surrogate. It was pretty cool.

The writing didn't really seem to flow. Jayden's dialogue didn't make sense for an 11 year old. It was too mature. Not to mention the school work was too hard for an 11 year old, but I guess with a lot of help it could be possible. Also, the dialogue didn't work well with any character really. It just didn't flow.

The story with the other school didn't make sense until about 75% into the book. It seemed like it was two books in one. I didn't get it. But I'm glad it was added, in the end.

Character development was lacking. I didn't hardly know anything about any of the characters. They had been homeless and they all are really talented in something. Other than that, we don't know much. It could've been more developeed.

I liked how it was a clean book and it's a good premise. It just wasn't really for me and it could've been executed better. I could see younger readers enjoying it more so than young adults.
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Review by: Owen on Feb. 02, 2014 :
This Book contains a lot of funny and exciting parts leading on to what's going to happen next. I would totally recommend this book for people who like adventure and mysterious things. One part I really loved in the book, was when the AI/Head Computer loved to play tricks on some of the kids.
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Review by: Kelsey on Jan. 30, 2014 :
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

I had trouble with this book from the start. I could not get into it at all. I found myself reading and rereading the same page over and over. The style of writing was uncomfortable for me. The way people spoke was strange and at times hard to understand. Way too much detail was given about everything and it completely distracted me from the story. I think that the idea for the story may have been a good one, but the writing ruined it for me.
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Review by: Mary Linton on Jan. 24, 2014 :
Got a free copy so I guess I better review it honestly!

There are some things in this book that I find hard to cope with. Well, first of all, they are street children of eleven but the education they're receiving is of 16/17 year olds and I don't understand that. These people at The Sanctum talk of robotics as if you just gotta mix metals and make them. IT IS NOT AS SIMPLE. Plus, how the hell do street children turn into complete geniuses? And, what eleven year old knows about pipette, electrolytic cell, chemical formula, etc? I was dumbfounded when Jayden didn't even question once in his lessons! They are studying chemistry and how can eleven year olds cope with that? I would've found it easier to believe if they were demigods or something such but they weren't. Thus, my predicament.
Avando seems so sure of himself and that just doesn't makes sense. I know it's fiction and all but I... I just can't. He just seems like a shady character to me. He hires people who suffer from tragic terrorist attacks and is then shocked? I mean, if anything, he should've seen it coming. I won't be surprised if he turns out to be the traitor.
And, Aaron has been there for like two or three years wasn't he supposed to be in higher classes? There's no definite class system, apparently. Seniors are mentioned only vaguely. And, I'm not sure if I like Jess. And, Jayden was anything but a former street kid, which just isn't realistic. At a point, I really started imagining these all a little older which did fit with their actions.
Apart from this, I was fine with it, though it really was just an okay read for me. If there weren't issues mentioned, I would've liked it I guess. But, I'm a chemistry student so I guess maybe that's why it's hard for me to think it possible for such young people. There were typos but I ignored them since they could've been easily overlooked.
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Review by: Victoria Zigler on Jan. 14, 2014 :
When I first started reading this book I was worried I wouldn't enjoy it. I mean, the way Jayden's backstory was presented to us could have been done better; either by showing rather than telling, or by having Jayden tell someone his story afterwards. However, this was the only issue I had with the book, and it turned out to be a fantastic read, which I'm very glad I took the time to read. I look forward to reading more by this author.
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Review by: Shaun on Oct. 12, 2013 :
The book was amazing. It is one of my favourite books. It is really interesting and is, at some parts, hilarious. It has even got martial arts, which I have never seen before. Overall this is a spectacular book
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Review by: michael on Sep. 30, 2013 :
I was trying to find a suitable book for my children and thought I would read a few chapters to see if it was appropriate, not only was it appropriate, I ended up enjoying it greatly myself, reading the whole book in a few days. I couldn’t put it down.
The story is full of action, gadgets and humorous moments, the characters were great and I would love to own the Sanctum.
My oldest child is now reading the book and I am happy to say he is loving it to.
Bring on the next book.
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