Wild Fluffo

Wild Fluffo is the Fluffo who is closest to nature, but that's because nature is all he knows. But how easy is it for for someone who has only known jungle living to fit in with the others? And will his experience of the ways of the jungle life be a good or bad thing for the other modern living Fluffos?

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About Phil Jennings

Phil Jennings is the bad boy of Children's Picture Book writing, with modern but still extremely lovable and commercial characters, which both young children and adults can readily identify with.
Aiming to totally revamp and re-energize a genre dominated by whimsical middle aged mums, this dapper young Londoner is aiming high with his extremely charismatic offerings of the likes of Cool Fluffo, Pretty Fluffo, Bad Fluffo et al!
This bunch of colourful cute cuddly characters, somewhat reminiscent of the Smurfs but with an 'edge', have to solve their personal social problems often generated by their nominal charcter traits, as well as their enemies the Fangsters!
Cool Fluffo is out now… a James Dean type lead character, with his defining dark shades, is so rarely seen in these types of books, who uses his innate Coolness almost as a weapon in the popularity stakes, but what would happen if somehow he was to lose his Cool? With the other books to be released on almost a monthly basis - Pretty Fluffo to come next.
More about the Fluffos can be found at www.Fluffos.com

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