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Something’s not right in Mia’s head. The first thing is that her name isn't Mia. In fact, she has no clue what her name is—who she is. All that she knows is that she’s not like the ones who found her: Dante with his kind blue eyes, Amy with her child-like demeanor, James with his questioning gaze. And Briggs. The one she cannot decipher no matter how hard she tries.
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Words: 22,910
Language: English
ISBN: 9780992076528
About Christina Channelle

A dreamer, Christina Channelle holds two degrees in health sciences but has always had a passion for writing. You will find her reading other young adult novels, or concocting a new story on her computer. A TV junkie, she has a close relationship to many characters, both fictional and real. Christina may or may not have an addiction to sushi and coffee. She resides in Ontario, Canada.

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Review by: M.Sara Forleo on Nov. 26, 2013 :
I received this book in exchange of an honest review (David Estes Fans and YA Book Lovers Unite).

I seriously don't know what to say about this book.
It wasn't a bad read, though. It was actually nice and intriguing. Made you want to find out what happened to "Mia" and why she had no memories. And who were the guys that found her.
Briggs was...weird and a mystery. Then you understand why, in the end, though.
Liam was....I don't know. There wasn't anything particular that I liked. And he got a little creepy in the end.
I really liked Dante. He was so cute and sweet. He was my favorite character and I was shocked at what happened to him in the end. What. The. F@ck. Why?! I loved him!
Anyway, the ending is kinda shocking, revealing, and cute somehow, but leaves you with many questions and wanting to know more, to read more.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Becky Kulp on Nov. 11, 2013 :
First off, I received a copy of this story for free in exchange for an honest review.

The book was very mysterious and really did keep me guessing for a long time. I still didn't quite figure it all out until the author finally revealed the secret. She did give you tidbits here and there to keep you interested so you didn't just throw the book out of frustration.

The main character begins the book with no memory and it is told from her POV. The author did OK with this but I felt a couple of times that she slipped. Amy was named before the main character had been introduced to her. Also, if she didn't really remember anything, how can she describe Amy's clothes as being "outrageous" if she has nothing to compare them to? It didn't really hurt the story overall but was just inconsistent for the character.

This is a short story, so it goes quickly. It's also a story that covers quite a few topics: romance, death, etc. in those small number of pages. If a teen or young adult read it, I would recommend discussing it with them.

Overall, I would say this author is a very good storyteller. I would be interested to see where her writing talents take her.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Ashley Sonju on Nov. 10, 2013 :
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Reap is a fascinating book about a girl, Mia, who wakes up one day without a memory in her head. She doesn't know where she came from or what her name is, or even how to speak and write. After waking up, she meets a few people who end up looking out for her.

The first half of the novella is where she doesn't remember anything and not a word comes out of her mouth. The second part is all the memories. And the third part is what happens to her after she remembers. It's extremely intriguing and well-written. The world building is astounding as well as the emotions being portrayed.

My complaint is the length. It made me long for more. Because it's so short, I can't say much in this review that won't spoil it. However, I will say that I didn't like Mia much once I read her memories.

The ending was really unexpected. Most of the time, I can kind of see what's coming, but I didn't have a clue this time. I love books that will keep me guessing.

I just wish the story was longer, but I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks again to the author!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Satarupa Biswas on Nov. 08, 2013 :
I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.
Firstly I would like to thank Christina Channelle, author of Reap, for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this awesome book.
The whole story is amazing. I felt a little bit confused at first and it seemed that the pace is too fast for me to be comfortable with but slowly the pace became normal and I could lose myself within the plot and enter into the life of the characters. I think the main reason behind this is that the book is a novella and in most cases I found that novellas are always a bit rushed and end with unanswered questions but this book succeeded in laying down a perfect opening ground for the following novel.
This book really involves an interesting mystery as we find that the protagonist Mia wakes up totally blank minded and doesn’t remember even her name. Then the story slowly continues and part by part Mia’s memory comes back and a very surprising even shocking revelation awaits the readers at the ending chapters.
I liked the concept and the plot and also loved the detailed descriptions that the author provided. Though I felt a little uncomfortable at first but the smooth writing style of the author brought me back within the story. The characterization is good but the background of the individual characters is missing and we don’t get to know much about them.
The emotions are portrayed remarkably within the skilled words of the author that bound me with the characters and also made me cry. The world building is great and the whole story seemed believable given the vivid details of the surroundings.
Overall a great read and would like to recommend it to ya all and hope that you guys will like it. Enjoy!!!
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Kiara Bernadette on Nov. 02, 2013 :
the first word i thought after reading this was what the heck?

it started about so-called Mia, a girl who lost her memory, and woke up in an apartment with four strangers. and the story begun there.

i love the writing style, it feels so much real. and the story itself, gosh, its definitely one of the story that blows my mind. you think you know the ending and then bam! secrets revealed and no, its far from what you imagined.

this novella has it all, love, tears, and dark side. yes, it has a darker side indeed that i thought its more appropriate for older readers, not early teens.

but then there are so much question left for this book, i'm dying to know the answers but for now i can only guess and hoping the author will make a sequel from this.

i got this book in exchange for a honest review
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Shanty de Vries on Oct. 31, 2013 :
I received this book for an honest review.
Mia wakes up one day in a strange apartment with complete memory loss about who she is and where she came from. In the apartment lives Dante sweet guy, Amy 19 year old girl desperate for a friend, James and Briggs who's behavior is a big mystery.
This novella was parted in 3 , one being Mia waking up with no memories. The beginning was actually the best part it kept me guessing. I don't understand this world she woke up in. Is not explained either. The second part is where Mia get's her memory back, and than things get confusing. The third part was the What??? part, the plot makes no sense at all. I was so confused.
This book had so many unanswered questions, a lot of things didn't add up. The writing was o.k.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Brittany Todd on Oct. 30, 2013 :
I was given this book I ex change for an honest review.

I have to say it was definitely not what I expected. While this book had an emotionally charged ending I felt like sometimes I was simply reading to find out what happens next because it started off so vague. Not reading because I was actually into the story. "Mia" simply appears in some random house with strangers and can't speak and remember nothing. That could go slot of ways. I felt there was a lot of details that were there for extra fluff but they never made any sense, such as why the girls couldn't leave he house.The characters were a bit one dimensional for me. I did however enjoy the twist at the end . I truly felt the emotion of what was trying to be portrayed by the author and I cried Ike a baby. That's was the highlight for me. It was all over much to quickly and the ends weren't really all tied up. It was unusual. I also know that sometimes novellas don't allow a lot of room for elaboration. Oh well.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

Review by: Monica Call on Oct. 30, 2013 :
I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

First of all I will say that the only part I didn't like about Reap was that it wasn't long enough! I could not stop reading it once I got started and finished it in just a few hours.
Right from the beginning it had me intrigued. I found myself attached to the characters, especially since they were written very well with very good descriptions. Briggs was my favorite and I knew he would end up very important to Mia but how, now that was a huge surprise!
The ending features a fantastic twist and it is difficult for me not to write out spoilers!
I think I will read Reap again now that I know just to see if I missed any clues! I love books with unforeseen twists & turns!

I will absolutely be reading more of This authors books!
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

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