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Rooted is the story of Chloe Chastain, a not-quite-average teenage girl living in the Pacific Northwest. Chloe is a tree spirit doing her best to avoid the local werewolf pack, and she’s determined not to get caught up with the werewolf hunters that have descended upon her small town. Or fail her sophomore year of high school. Or get stuck in detention. Again. More
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ISBN: 9781301050581
About Amy Good

Amy Good is a writer from the U.S. currently living in Dublin. She writes part-time, but only when her tyrannical toddler allows it! When she is not writing, she tweets about the joys and troubles of being a writer, a geek, a toddler mom and a non-native Dubliner.


More Romance Please!!
I have been told there was just not enough romance in Rooted, and I listened to you guys, I promise I did! So... here is the romance you've been craving!! ;)


Review by: j yates on Aug. 18, 2014 :
Book review: Rooted by Amy Good
Therianthropy at its best.
This is an easy book for me to recommend. Why? It’s brilliant. Easy to read, action packed, wonderfully written characters, a touch of romance, and most importantly werewolves!
Right from the very start the story grips you, as a brutal murder of a mother takes place in a small sleepy town in America where nothing out of the ordinary normally ever happens. The significance and the effects of this death are unravelled throughout the story as the plot thickens.
The son of the dead woman, Grayson, who is a strongly written and is a beautiful tortured soul, battles with who he is and although strong, has a fragility that is heart-warming.
My favourite character from Rooted has to be Chloe, and we view the story from her perspective. Chloe, a recent orphan herself, is a resilient teenager, and even though she has super powers, she is a very warm human character, worrying about her friendships and her place in the world.
At the start of the story, her best friend of two years is Lillian, a cheerleader and natural beauty. Chloe starts the story off very much walking in her shadow and in complete admiration of her friend. But the introduction of a strange and somewhat out-of-place new character called Margot, who dresses like she is from the 1950s, shifts the dynamics of their friendship, with disastrous results.
Thankfully, Chloe gets the support of a new friend Rebecca, and you feel Chloe’s relief in having a good friend. Rebecca is as human as you can get and her character grounds the story. Rebecca’s father, who gives respite and food to Chloe, adds a caring adult to the plot, which balances it nicely.
I liked Chloe’s interaction with nature; she was soulful and kind. Never had I ever wanted to be a character in a book more than I did with Chloe.
There is so much that I loved about this book, there are several plots and things happing at once, but it all comes together at the end; and like a light being switched on, you see the whole story.
Amy beautifully writes every word with care. I love how she describes every detail from the food they’re eating, the clothes they’re wearing, even the coldness and dampness of the weather.
I am a slow reader normally. But was hooked from the start. I forgot everything, from the washing up and even my writing. I just had to read the next chapter and the next until it was finished; it was like a drug.
I cannot believe that this was Amy’s first book; here is a great writer, I am proud to write this review, and I look forward to reading anything else she writes. So if you have not read Amy’s book, go and read her book.
Amazing art work on the cover also by Danielle Tunstall (
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Review by: S. Rodger Bock on May 04, 2014 :
Amy Good has all the potential to be a rock-star writer. Clever metaphors and good solid writing kept me reading. I felt the plot was drawn out a little longer than needed. I enjoyed the final act of the novel, where the fighting really gets going. I would have liked to see more build up of Chloe's skills during the novel. I felt frustrated by not knowing what was going on. As serious as the events were, I expected the characters to cut their normal routines much earlier and follow up with the people they were concerned about. Besides those small flaws, Amy really delivered on her first novel. Thanks for the free read. Next time charge for work of this quality!
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Review by: Jia Min Boo on Jan. 14, 2014 :
I like the running and chasing in the forest, and image of the animals and forest coming together for and with Chloe.
But story a little too slow in the front for me and more romance is needed.
Sequel is needed for Chloe to explore about herself and more developments for the couple~
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Review by: Juliet Cleary on Dec. 21, 2013 : (no rating)
Enjoyed the book, well written ,kept me wondering what would happen next, needs a sequel!
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Review by: Jenn Lyons on Nov. 12, 2013 :
A lovely, wonderful book that touches brilliantly on the sense of isolation and growing pains that being a teenager so often brings with it. Amy Good skillfully weaves a supernatural storyline into very realistic issues of pain, loss, betrayal, and abandonment that will be completely relatable to almost anyone. The book promises a sequel by the threads left hanging, and I can't wait for it.
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Review by: Stormswift on Nov. 02, 2013 :
Loved this! Unusual concept – Chloe is a tree spirit or dryad who was orphaned and is now living in foster care with ten other foster kids. Her foster parents don’t have much money so Chloe’s hungry most of the time and generally neglected.
She depends wholly on Lillian her sole friend for company but Lillian turns out to be a backstabber of the worst kind. Grayson, the son of the local werewolf alpha, seems strangely attracted to Chloe but she is terrified of him.
The hunters that arrive in their small town cause Chloe more uneasiness as they are trying to kill off the supernatural folk. A bright spark for Chloe is kind Rebecca and her dad who at least try to ensure that Chloe gets to eat regularly.
The themes of neglect; peer pressure and bullying are realistic. The only downside to this book was that matters were not wholly resolved (and there appears to be no sequel at present) leaving unanswered questions e.g. was Rebecca’s dad healed or not; what lies ahead for Chloe?
The book has a few editing errors i.e. missing words and the use of incorrect words however these did not detract from the absorbing storyline.
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Review by: Amaranth louise on Oct. 09, 2013 : (no rating)
Loved the book, hated the end! A sequel must be in the works!!! This book is a Definite Must Read!!
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Review by: pj gracia on Oct. 08, 2013 :
It was awesome!
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