The Power and The Fury

Meet the unsuspecting Heirs of Eden, the eccentric de Lowe children: Laid back Archie, his twin Daisy, and big sister, Isabella.

A series of shocking nightmares turns their world upside down, but little do they know their dreams represent an ancient prophecy which marks a new time.

Will they understand their dreams in time to change the course of mankind? Or will nature get the better of them? More

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About James Erith

James ERITH was born in Suffolk in 1970. 20 years later he left Britain and headed on a 2 year voyage of discovery travelling the world.
In Australia, James' ambitions to play 1st class cricket were thwarted when he dived into a swimming pool and bashed his head on a step cracking the vertebrates in his neck. He returned home to London where he designed and built gardens in the capital for several years.
Moving to North Yorkshire with his young family, James ran a garden centre, before another bump on his head set off the idea for the EDEN CHRONICLES of which THE POWER & THE FURY is the first book.
'When I came to, I found a painful spider bite on my neck, my garden had flooded and my daughter aged 5 couldn't wait to tell me about a story she'd read, as she put it, about Adam and(St)eve! My head was swimming, particularly with the powerful idea that dreams of 'eureka' moments might somehow be given to us, like a gift, and that maybe we have to interpret them as best we can. It triggered a writing journey that has been both thrilling, personal and a steep learning curve.'
THE POWER & THE FURY is a hi-octane adventure story for girls and boys (10+). The protagonists, the talented, eccentric de Lowe children, are unwittingly given special dreams and curious powers which are the Gifts of Eden. Their dreams, the ancient Prophecy of Eden is a measure, a test of humankind, originally designed for the strongest, cleverest and most magical of men. There is a choice. Survive and be ready for the next phase of mankind or fail and be wiped out?
Meet shabby Archie, football goddess Daisy and bossy, science mad Isabella. They are the Heirs of Eden. To them, their dreams are frightening and basically... weird.
According to the prophecy they must stay alive to avert a global catastrophe. As events progress they learn that sinister forces are at work, desperate to stop them in their tracks.
It is the first book in a series of five that outlines the children adventures in their race to find the mythological Garden of Eden.
Although THE POWER & THE FURY is set in a fictional school beneath the hills that lead up to the stunning North Yorkshire Moors (which James knew well from his time there), James now resides with his family in North Essex, England.


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