The Tribe Within

The Tribe Within
Search of DNA Tribe R1b-L513

Where do we come from? This book proposes to solve this age old question for about 390 family surnames. Author Anthony Murphy Barrett takes the latest DNA results of one recently “found” British Isles tribe to put science and history together to present a stunning revelation of a tribal history not told for a thousand years. More

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Words: 93,690
Language: Canadian English
ISBN: 9781310005459
About Anthony Murphy Barrett

Anthony calls himself an investigative historical reporter and claims family research is one of the most difficult endeavours of his journalistic career. He received his diploma in journalism from Niagara College in Canada in 1983. He has worked on several regional newspapers in Ontario and Alberta. He also worked at Carswell Legal Publishing (Thompson Newspapers) in Toronto writing exclusively in the field of employment law and human rights. His work expanded into small business start-up and environmental studies.

“The Tribe Within.” (published January, 2014 and updated in January 2015). This is his first book in genealogy. He lives in Niagara, Ontario Canada with his wife Theresa and their three children and three grand-children. His family emigrated from County Cork Ireland in 1825 to eastern Ontario as part of the Peter Robinson Expedition.

The Tribe Within
Search for DNA Tribe R1b-L513
By Anthony Murphy Barrett

Where do we come from and why is it still relevant today? This book proposes to solve this age old question for about 390 family surnames originating from the British Isles and western Europe. Not all names are listed below.

Surnames: Adams, Allsbury, Ammerlaan, Anglin, Banks, Barrett, Blair, Beatty, Bibber, Black, Braithwait, Brown/Bruen, Breen, Bullock, Burns, Byrne, Cameron, Campbell, Carey, Clavett, Clendaniel/Clendennin/Glendennin/Glendinning, Coleman, Colgan, DeVane/Devin/Devine/ Divin/Divine, Donohoe/O’Donoughue, Downie, Duff, Dugger, Duncan, Elliott, Emerson, Ferguson, Finley, Fitzpatrick, Fletcher, Frazer, Fritts, Gamble/Gamel, Garnder, Garvey, Gilroy, Goff, Gray, Grewar, Griffin, Hamilton, Hartley, Harvey, Hay(es), Healy, Henderson, Henry, Holder, Howly, Irvine, Jackman, Jenkins, Johnston, Jolley, Jones, Keenan, Kelly, Kennedy, Kingston, Knox, Lemmon(s), Little/Lytle, Logan, Lewis, MacDonald/McDonald, Mackenzie/McKenzie, MacLean/ McLean/McClain/ McLain, MacPherson, Maloney, Markwick, Martin, Martini, Massey/Massie, Mathews, Matheson, Mathis, McAllister, McAffee, (Mc)Cain/Kane, McCauley, McCormick, McDaniel, McIntosh, McKinsey, McCarthy/McCarty, McConnell, McCool, McCowan/McCown, McGregor, McGuire/Maguire, McInnis, McIver, McIntyre, McMahon, McManus, (Mc)Queen, McQuillan, McVitty/Mavity, Meek(s), Merrick, Miller, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Müller, Munnerlyn, Newman, Newton, Nichols(on), O'Gara/O'Hara, O'Rourke/Ruark, O'Shea, O’Toole, Palmer, Phillips, Pillsbury, Pitts, Plunkett, Powell, Powers, Profitt, Reardon, Reid, Rine, Robertson, Roddy, Rogers, Rose/Ross, Scott, Short, Smith, Starr, Sunneson, St. Clair/Sinclair/Sinkler, Taylor/Traylor, Tiernan, Thomas, Vance/Vans/Vaus/Vaux, Vaughan, Walker, Walsh/Welsh/Welch, Ward, Watkins, Whalen, White, Williams(on), Wilson, Winter(s), Wood(s).

Author Anthony Murphy Barrett takes the latest DNA results of one recently “found” British Isles tribe to put science and history together to present a stunning revelation of a family history not told for a thousand years.

The Tribe Within is attracting a lot of attention. It has cracked the top 40 most downloaded books (currently ranks 35) on in the category of history with ebooks of at least 50,000 words competing against books which have been on site for over five years. There are about 1,850 ebooks listed in this category.

It is the 2nd most downloaded book published in 2014 in the same category and ranks 17th most downloaded book (50,000 words) published in 2014 in the non-fiction category. has over 337,000 books on its site in both fiction and non-fiction.

What readers are saying:

“Your work about R1b-L513 is original and very interesting in my opinion. What astonished me is the story of Saint Padarn [in relation to my own research of this tribe]. I’m happy to know that we have common ideas about [this tribe].”
– Dr. Pierangelo Favero Phd., Specialista Endocrinologo, Universitaria di Udine, Italy. Author of “La dea veneta”.

“Your book blew me away!”

“I greatly enjoyed your book.”
– reader and contributor to latest edition: Matt Markwick from Australia.

“I enjoyed your read! And while I focused on the migration paths and history as it relates to our R-L513 – A – 2 Mag Uidhir [Maguire] lines, I am happy to see Garvey and Burns addressed so well. Your observation about the Domesday book is spot on.”
– family researcher: Brad Maguire, ISOGG member, Airghialla Mag Uidhir Project Admin from family tree dna.


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