Soliloquy: One Sociopath's Opinion

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In a world full of homicidal sociopaths, it takes an anti-social desert hermit to explain how to live a decent life. These are my opinions: they damn well ought to be yours! These political essays were written during the Bush2 Regime and they do not reflect my opinions regarding the Obama Administration. More
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About Desertphile

When I was 22 years ago I took a road trip from Orange County, California, to Las Vegas. Along the way I got caught in the awe that is known as the East Mojave Desert; I never got to Las Vegas on that trip--- around Death Valley I stopped my pickup on the side of the highway, picked a point far across the desert to walk towards, and I set out on foot without proper boots, no hat, and no water.... and I kept walking for the rest of the day, the entire night, another day, and another night. Eventually I turned around and found my way back to the highway, tennis shoes in tatters and more dead than alive--- and I was happy to have had the experience.

Since that time I have learned all that I can about the East Mojave: the biology, the geology, and the history (pre-written, military, and contemporary). My passionate love affair with the desert is unrequited, since it has tried to kill me a few times (never with malice), and I keep returning to the desert every chance I get.

My work history: machine shops running a drill press and turret lathe; a city garbage collector; an electrical assembler building wire harnesses for medical diagnostic machines; wafer fabrication in a clean room; AS400 IBM computer operator and programmer; Visual BASIC Microsoft Windows programmer; able bodied sea man; boat delivery crew; gold prospector and miner; and cattle ranch hand.

I do not kill people for a living.

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Review by: magghu smith on Nov. 14, 2014 :
Complete spam. Don't waste your time.
(review of free book)

Review by: KaitlynAhl on April 21, 2014 :
I think she needs medicated, but I agree with most of the essahes so I guess I need the same medication. Very much worth reading, Desertfile!
(review of free book)

Review by: CritialThinker on March 14, 2014 :
One of the better, thoughtful summations of the state of affairs in American politics.

The author is actually rather well known out on the real world and is famous for his desert hermitage, his writings on what the effects of over population has been, and many of the other issues that Edward Abbey used to write so much about as the dawn of urbanization, deforestation, dam building, and paving of hiking trails to allow cars access to our nation's monuments drove Abbey to lament how filthy and pathetic American citizens had become.

The author outlines something basically akin to an update on what Edward Abbey used to write about, focusing on the celebration of Christian terrorism, Christian war crimes, and the fat, slow, increasingly-stupid American citizen who applauds the violent atrocities our increasingly-dimwitted politicians commit around the world.

Humorist and actor Steve Allen used to call the phenomena of the growing insanity and violent Christian extremism of the American citizen as "Dumbth." Allen found endless examples of the Stupid Republican in all his dimwitted glory that infested the country, a problem that has continued to get worse and worse literally daily since Allen wrote his books about the phenomena.

Here we see the author closing the loop, describing all the social aspects of America's slide in to an inevitable fascist theocracy which threatens to be the equal to the Islamic take-over of Iran.

The only exception I find to the author's work is that occasionally he got somewhat lazy and could have provided more insights in to directly observed phenomena that while many people encounter every day, some among us rarely see it since we live in social circles which are generally intellectual. The author assumes that the reader has some knowledge and experience encountering some opf the insanity most people are subjected to in their daily lives in this new-found America nightmare when in fact some of us are quite happy to see it from afar.

Well worth reading and I hope the author pens more along these lines and offers more anecdotes of people he has encountered in places where most of us do not go, sharing the dumbest and the most humorous encounters with us so we don't have to soil ourselves rubbing up against such dimwits in our country ourselves.
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Review by: Qhaddafy on March 06, 2014 :
A new troll has emerges, he downloads, reads (hopefully), then one-starred everything he hates. Disgruntled authors may counter-attack him, if not already, which may leads to a one-star wars. It's pretty annoying you know, even for us, readers.

This book was written in flaming, war-like style. Really annoying, if you're zealots from opposite sides, or just happen to hate the author. It actually has a few interesting (but very provocative) ideas. "America sow swords... blood and carnage." paragraph is one good example. It definitely true, not only for Bush Jr's America (or any other country, really), but also for nearly everything in this world. Including giant-capitalist/tiny-idealist companies, anti-/creationists, or even... authors.

I disagree with many things in this books (notably the NPS chapter), but he sometime actually stating the truth. The shameful, painful truth.
(review of free book)

Review by: Jamie Best on March 05, 2014 :
A truly awful piece of writing; never worthy of being termed a book and certainly not worthy of publication. A disorganised and disjointed, random venting of self- righteous pontification; with negative opinions ranging from the presidency of George bush, to prostitution, to the rules of America's national parks. Ok, so the author is a self confessed sociopath, which is clearly evident in this writing, and only a sociopath would suffer under the delusion that their opinions should be valued and held by all others.

As a cathartic piece of writing, to vent anger and frustration and help a sociopath cope with the modern day ignorance of human societies, I'm sure this is invaluable to the writer; long may they continue to write for themselves and find some healing in this... But for anyone considering to read this, unless you are making a study of sociopathic thinking, you could not find a greater waste of your time.
One piece of advice to the writer, and that is when you are done venting your anger about everything you are unhappy with in the world..., try to focus on the things that you love and clearly have a passion about.
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Review by: tony parsons on March 04, 2014 :
Henry David Thoreau (Walden Pond), terrorism, when was the last time a member of America's armed services died in the defense of The US? Democracy vs Oligarchy, parks/recreation (destruction/defacing), race/culture, a golf course in the Mojave Desert,
Wow, you wanted to get a rise out of me you did indeed. As a retired Army veteran in Vietnam of course I knew all this. I was #8 on the draft list so I joined anyway, I knew where I was going either way. I come from a long line of military including my son so I guess that might have factored into it I really don’t remember. & now will the US have to deal with Russia again?
Cool book cover, great font & writing style. A very well written personal political informative standpoint short story (book). It was very easy to read/follow from start/finish & never a dull moment. Quite a few twists/turns. No grammar errors, repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots of interesting scenarios & a great set of characters. No doubt in my mind a very easy rating of 5 stars for this short story (book).
Thank you for the free short story (book)
Tony Parsons MSW (Washburn)
(review of free book)

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