A Terrorist Converts: How I Learned to Stop Hating America

Terrorist Shazam al-War bin al-Gorithm hates America. More bloodthirsty than Osama bin Laden, he’s notched his Koran so many times that nothing is left but confetti. When a SEAL team tries to take him out in the mountains of Wakistan, al-War defeats them all--and captures the Navy’s first female commando. Their unlikely romance makes him question his hatred of America. More
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Published by J.M. Porup
Words: 9,490
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311754547
About J.M. Porup

How does technology change what it means to be human? J.M. Porup is a journalist and futurologist who studies how exponentially-increasing innovation disrupts the social and political order. He is also the CEO of the LatAm Startups Angel Funds, a Latin America-based accelerator focused on scaling startups globally. He has covered computer security for The Economist, Bitcoin for Bitcoin Magazine, and the Gringo Trail for numerous Lonely Planet guidebooks. His award-winning novels and plays include The Second Bat Guano War, Dreams Must Die, Death on Taurus, and The United States of Air. Porup is a member of the Lifeboat Foundation's Advisory Board, a distributed think tank dedicated to preventing human extinction.

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What others are saying about Porup's books:


"Absolutely insane. Very bitter, very real... Would love to see more stories like this."

"Don't go on this ride unless you're prepared to look into the abyss."

" Vulgar, obscene, repulsive, and just overall a very good story."

"What a great ride. Gritty and compelling!"


"Had me laughing so hard that my stomach still hurts!"

"Porup takes a swipe at the war on terror in a manner that is original and avoids the blatantly obvious. It would be too easy for any writer approaching the same subject to employ a semi-realist Orwellian tone, but this novel takes the humorous low-road."

"Porup seamlessly addresses indefinite detention...The overrun surveillance state...The neverending War on Terror...And a frightening and ubiquitous NSA surveillance state that "wiretaps" your toilet instead of your phones."

"The puns also abound, as do the guilty giggles in this often excrement-strewn sleuther. A dark comedy."


"I laughed til tears rolled down my cheeks!"

"This diet has saved me so much money, I can now afford a bouncy castle in every room!"

"Great satirical book."

"I think I will get my Angel wings soon."

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