Killer Angel

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Winner, Flamingnet Top Choice Award! A novel by American author William Frost.
Frank, Angela, Daryl and Paul have started a rock band. They dream of making it Big! An angel, Levi, is going to help their dream come true. But, first they must trade their souls at the crossroads. A Faustian story that will take you for a ride with twists and turns. More

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About William Frost

William Frost (born: December 21, 1965) is an American author.
"Will the world end on my birthday? Will Bolon Yokte descend? Just my luck to be born on the apocalypse."


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Review by: Erika Stokes on April 13, 2011 :
From a readability standpoint, this was the worst eBook I have ever read.

The grammar was horrendous; it appears to have been written by someone with a poor grasp of English and there was clearly no editing whatsoever done before publication. There are non-words used in place of English words without any apparent reason. For example, one of the angels (who all sound like derelict teenagers who haven't been to school since second grade) said, "Too serious, Ben old buddy; that's what ya-r problem is." What on earth is a "ya-r?" Clearly it is supposed to mean "your," but on what planet? Perhaps it is some old Angelic dialect.

The formatting leaves a tremendous amount to be desired. There are underscores in place of ellipses--but not consistently; the font size randomly changes, often in the middle of paragraphs; and there is inadequate and inconsistent spacing between chapters.

The story itself might have been worth reading, I don't know--the poor grammar, "creative" spelling, weird underscores, misplaced hyphens, and the changing font size that made me feel seasick all made it too difficult to read and really get into.
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Review by: Theresa Smith on April 07, 2011 :
Killer Angel by William Frost is a lesson about life. It embodies all of the good things that we want to teach our children such as knowing right from wrong and following through with making the right choices through life. All actions have a consequence and sometimes the sacrifice is not worth the reward.

Angela, Frank, Paul and Darryl are just like the kids we have all known and may have been. They decide that it would be awesome to enter into their school's talent show and form a band for that very purpose. They had no idea the journey that they would be taken on.

Darryl decides that he wants all of the fame and fortune that comes with being a part of a rock band and sells his soul to the devil in exchange for the spoils.

The kids have to make some choices as the angels try to influence their choices. The good angel Benjamin tries to show them the moral way while the fallen angel Levi does his best to sway them.

Killer Angel is right on point with the lessons that we all need to learn in life and even as adults, some of us are still learning. This book has surprising turns and a great story. It is a Faustian work with close ties to real life situations that you may be dealing with or will have to deal with at some point in time.

If you are considering this book for yourself or a young adult in your life, rest assured that this will be a favorite.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Megan M on April 06, 2011 :
A tale of good and evil, heaven and hell, choices and consequences, the recently published young adult novel Killer Angel by William Tyler Frost shows what happens when teens get too much, too fast and become willing to trade their souls for fame. Part fiction, part science fiction, part Christian fiction, this killer YA novel really makes you think about the choices, the sacrifices and the friends you make – for better and for worse.

Four teens – Angela and her boyfriend Frank, their friend Paul and the wealthy wild child Daryl – start a pretty bad rock band on a whim, just to enter their school’s talent competition. This lark soon turns into a much larger enterprise as Daryl inks a deal with the devil to earn their band fame, fortune and all that comes with it.

Along the way, two angels – the good Benjamin and the fallen Levi – vie for the kids’ souls, visiting them in dreams as they try to mold the teens in their own images. The four have some serious choices to make, and some even more serious consequences to face. And be prepared for some twists and turns and big surprises along the way – this book is definitely not predictable.

Killer Angel is both entertaining and educating – it’s a young adult story of morality, tough decisions, friendship, talent and effort. Likewise, anyone who loves music will enjoy the stories of the band and the Robert Johnson record that sends them – literally – to the crossroads. This book will leave you wondering about the angels in your life for days and weeks to come.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

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