Stacy and Harold on the Fourth

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Stacy invites Harold to the family's Fourth of July barbecue to meet the family. How will he hold up against some of her crazy family members? More
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Words: 18,530
Language: English
About Ernest Winchester

I must in all honesty, update this entry, for I stumbled onto the magic key to post a story on Smashwords. It was operator error not one of the poltergeist that I’m sure came preloaded in my computer that prevents me from getting what I want from it. For those of you who didn’t read this bio before—which I’m sure includes the rest of the world’s population—I repeat: I am an old man who loves to write. I started decades ago—the exact number is irrelevant—on a cast iron framed manual typewriter that would now serve little purpose beyond a boat anchor. I love composing fiction on the computer, mainly because of the spell check feature. Why someone who can’t spell worth a damn wants to write, I’ll never be able to explain. I take solace in the knowledge that some well-known writers throughout history were so afflicted. However, I must confess, that is about as far as I can go into this—to me—frightening world of cyberspace. I don’t have accounts on face book (wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. Almost nightly the news is filled with stories of people murdered by people they have contacted there.) I feel the same way about Myspace, a blog or personal web site. I don’t tweet or twit or what ever that is. That really seems silly--just call them and talk! So I’ll be contented to write and enjoy retirement until the final heartbeat or wayward city buss runs me over.

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Review by: Rebecca Stafford on April 30, 2014 :
I'm sure insomniacs would really get something out of this one, it felt that slow to read.
(review of free book)

Review by: Rose Masters on April 30, 2014 :
Where was the story? All I read was something that went nowhere, flat dialogue, 2 dimensional characters and a boring bus tip. Utterly unrealistic and lame.
(review of free book)

Review by: Vanessa Rausa on March 03, 2014 :
Agree with the others, so much description and filler here for so little action. As the saying goes cut to the chase or lose your audience.
(review of free book)

Review by: Brianna Summers on Feb. 28, 2014 :
I think it's been said before but I believe Smashwords needs some kind of quality control to filter out the garbage. And by garbage I don't mean new writers experimenting and trying new things, I mean authors so lazy they just put up any old crap and covers that look tacky in the extreme. For a website that puts so much emphasis on formatting and getting that right the oversight on this is unbelievable. Granted there are a lot of authors out there but poor writing like this just makes us all look bad. For someone who's written so many critical reviews Ernest you could at least stop being lazy and come up with half decent covers i.e. put a goddamn title on them and an image that is halfway appealing. This story was just terrible.
(review of free book)

Review by: Jeremy Ronaldson on Feb. 23, 2014 :
Where to begin? The opening was dull and boring, and really a guy whose Mom insists he wear a sweater? Is this guy a virgin or just a complete pussy? There's a lot of description and dialogue that feels pointless, characters speak somewhat mechanically and it doesn't flow at all. And for a free file if you're going to write one you should get into the action pretty damn quick smart. I read a bit of this and just got so bored I stopped. I don't know if the hot parts were any good but if they were anything like the rest somehow I doubt it. Typos and other errors are the mistake of an amateur, get an editor. And stop being lazy with the front covers already Ernest. 40 free files or thereabouts and there aren't even titles on some of them, the rest look like random pictures grabbed from the internet that are as uninspired as the writing itself. Average. Very average indeed.
(review of free book)

Review by: Veenstra Publishing on Feb. 18, 2013 :
The numerous syntax and typo errors made this a very jerky read. The author should spend more time polishing and rewriting before submitting his work.
(review of free book)

Review by: S. Wolf on June 30, 2011 :
This is a charming short story about a weekend spent at the lake with a girlfriend's quirky family. The writing style is laid-back, which matches the atmosphere of the get-together. The eroticism is more subtle than overt, as Harold and Stacy dodge family members in an effort to first tease each other, and then to be alone to consumate their mutual desire. After reading this engaging story, I feel I know these characters. Well done.
(review of free book)

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