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Review from author Mary Adair

The land of Ilyria is bruised and dying under the growing evil power of Morgeth. And the evil is spreading. All of Alatheia is in danger. As you read Necromancer you slip into a world of magic and mystery, both good and evil, that only a master storyteller could weave. Expertly woven into the tapestry of Alatheia is a small band of would-be heroes. Bound together by prophecy, held together by love for their land and each other they will set out to save their world. Their journey is not easy, and there are those in the band that will pay the ultimate price, but they will not falter in their quest to rid their home of the evil Necromancer.

I loved this story. It contains everything a true believer in fantasy could want. The pages come alive with the quest and keep the reader enthralled right to the end. And like any true believer in fantasy I can hardly wait for book two. In my opinion, Dune Elliot is a true storyteller. I look forward to reading many more of Mr. Elliot's novels. On a scale of one to five stars, I give Necromancer a strong five stars.”


They urged their horses on, faster and faster, hooves merely a blur beneath them. They had to stay ahead and maintain a distance. Spurs flashed in the moonlight sending shards of silver into the night, disappearing into the deep forest surrounding them. Four pairs of legs willingly carried their masters with as much speed as they could muster despite the weariness that edged its way into their lean muscles. The riders’ mounts were built for such endurance but even they could not run forever.

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