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Colin Rose:

At Magic’s Dawn


Jay Paul Hodgkins

About the Book and Author

Fairytales, myths, folklore—how has every culture in the world invented such a rich tradition of stories? Humankind is about to find out, we weren't exactly just making it all up.

In my first novel, Colin Rose: At Magic’s Dawn, the world is about to discover storytellers throughout history weren’t just spreading fiction. Dormant powers of magic were fueling them with visions to tell the future. Now magic is waking, people will learn to become wizards and everything from werewolves to giants will roam the planet.

These changes will bring Earth to the verge of chaos, and the only way humankind will ever know all the good magic can bring is through the help of a 12-year-old boy named Colin Rose. Colin’s world of Amereth has long watched Earth, waiting for the day it would become, like them, a magical planet. When it finally does, the extraordinarily talented Colin’s dream comes true when he is selected as part of the small mission of young wizards tasked with transporting to Earth to create order out of the budding magical chaos. Skipping across the globe to confront unpredictable magical creatures from trolls to dragons, Colin learns the adventure of his dreams is fraught with more than just the difficulties of adjusting to an untamed world. When a band of treacherous wizards from Amereth appear, Colin and his friends must face an even greater burden. Whether magic leads to chaos or a new utopia hinges on Colin’s ability to discover who he really is and rely on a little help from a few new friends on Earth.

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