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By Robert Sullivan

Copyright 2011

Published by Robert Sullivan at Smashwords

“Bang bang, you’re dead.”

This booklet provides a discussion and rules for including firearms, of various types, in a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Game. This includes an argument supporting the inclusion of firearms in a game, details of a shop selling the weapons, about a half dozen weapons and a discussion of the thought process. Content here first appeared on Nevermet Press site during 2011.


Table of Contents

Chapter One: An Argument

Chapter Two: The Gunsmith Shop

Chapter Three: Showing Your Work

Chapter Four: Legal

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Chapter One: An Argument

A reoccurring question in terms of fantasy gaming is whether to include firearms. Objections include: problems in terms of game mechanics, historical inaccuracy, thematic inaccuracy, dealing with general problems and matters of taste. The first three objections break down upon examination of the game, real world history and a determination to turn “problems” into advantages that permit greater game play. However, objections based upon issues of game taste are usually intractable. If then the objections, to permitting firearms as a part of game play, in a particular group arise from the first few issues, then it is something potentially negotiable. If the objection is one of aesthetics then it is in the best interests of the group to drop the issue (1).

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