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The Chronicles of Vlandamyuir

Book One

Bridget Bowers

Copyright 2011 by Bridget Bowers

Smashwords Edition

For Mom, Billy, Kelly and Timmy

You always believed and never gave up.

Chapter One

The sun just peeked over the horizon spilling its light across the plains and sparkled off the blue waters of the lake as the ring of swords echoed through the courtyard. A fine mist still hung in the shadows of the palace walls not yet chased away by the sun’s rays.

“Do not allow yer guard to drop!” A voice cut across the clash and clang of metal in the practice yard. Dozens of boys were paired off and scattered about the yard worn to dirt from the hundreds of feet over the decades. “Watch yer shields! If ye let the enemy that close and drop yer guard yer’ll be skewered.”

A man moved among the youths with a lazy stride, but his eyes sized up each pair as he passed, pausing only to shout instructions and point out weaknesses. Kallum Syer Theras watched the man’s approach with a wary eye and ignored the drag on his arm from another blow to his shield. His sword arm was numb from the hours of sparring, and yet still he circled with his partner. Sweat matted his hair across his forehead, turning it an even darker shade of brown, and he spared a brief moment to swipe the bangs from his eyes.

“Watch yer shield, Prince. Keep holding it there and ye’ll take a blade to yer neck!” The man bellowed before moving on to the next set of sparring boys. Kallum ignored his instructor as he moved away and side stepped to keep his sparring partner in front of him and turned his body to present as small a target as possible.

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