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The Storyteller's Art:

How not to bore your reader to sleep, tears, or homicide

Francis W. Porretto

Smashwords Edition

Copyright (C) 2010 by Francis W. Porretto

Cover art by Donna Casey (http://DigitalDonna.Com)

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Foreword: The Curmudgeon Speaks!

[FWP: A few words of explanation are in order before you proceed. The essays below were written by my "alter ego," the Curmudgeon Emeritus. Translated from the Obscure, a "curmudgeon emeritus" is "an ornery old coot who's earned the privilege." The old boy seems to think he's the second coming of W. Somerset Maugham. There's no point arguing with someone that pigheaded; at any rate, I gave up long ago. With that in mind, please forgive me for allowing his essays to share my byline here at Smashwords. I'll try to atone later.]

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