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Cover Artist: Karen Fuller

Editor: Maxine Bringenberg


I wish to dedicate this book to my husband Jerry who had to put up with a lot of late dinners and then only get sandwiches. I love you very much and thank you for being there for me.

Chapter One

The gentle movement of the car on the warm highway made the tires hum, lulling fifteen-year-old Jessica Emerson nearly to a dream state. Tilting her head back, she laid it against the window allowing the gentle vibrations to absorb into her. From the corner of her eye, she watched as the wild grasses and late spring flowers swayed from the flurry of the car as they quickly passed by. Glancing about the car, she wondered if her parents and sister were having as much fun as she was.

They had saved and planned for this California vacation for over two years. Now they were on their way to exciting destinations like Hollywood, Disneyland, and Mexico. It stimulated her thinking about all the things they would be seeing and doing. She’d never seen the ocean and could hardly wait to feel the warm sand of a California beach wiggle through her toes, or run from the surf as it crashed and rolled at the beach edge. She’d be walking down streets, the same streets the stars of yesterday and today walked on. So many places to see and even more to do, it was going to be great, she just knew it.

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