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Life could not have been more perfect. The sun was shining, the breeze was light, the water at the beach seemed bluer than should have been possible, people every where were laughing and smiling. It was simply heaven, and perfect weather for flying.

Omari spread her enormous feather wings and took to the sky. Her gorgeous blond hair and sun-kissed body glistened in the sun. She pumped her wings and flew higher into the atmosphere. When she reached a good vantage point, she spread her wings wide to coast, and looked down at the people below on the beach. Even this high she could clearly see their jubilant faces, and she smiled to herself. It just didn’t get any better than this.

Several surfers below rode nearly perfectly peeling waves in the California coastline. She zeroed in on a particular one, and took a quick nose dive down towards his shape. She came up behind him, hooked her arms beneath his, and easily hoisted him into the sky.

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