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The rescue of JJ the whale symbolizes the potential power that humans possess to protect our oceans, reduce our impact on the planet, and prevent harmful consequences from climate change. Terry Tamminen’s latest book, Watercolors, is a call to action to once and for all save our oceans.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.,
President, Waterkeeper Alliance, and environmental activist

In Watercolors, Terry reminds us of the magic, originality, and beauty Mother Nature provides. He inspires us to take action ourselves to protect and preserve the wonders of our planet.

Ed Begley, Jr.,
actor, environmental activist, and author of
Ed Begley, Jr.’s Guide to Sustainable Living

Tamminen’s book was an enjoyable, educational, and inspirational read. It is evident that he possesses a true admiration for the ocean and its inhabitants, and as a reader it’s impossible not to feel that as well.

Beau Bridges,
actor and environmental activist

The way Terry tells this touching story about the rescue of a baby gray whale moved me deeply. Eloquently expressed and beautifully interwoven with entertaining characters and his first hand experiences, Terry clearly conveys that whether it is the rescue of one precious baby whale, or our precious planet, we must all work together. I know that the people who read this beautiful story will be as inspired as I was.

Bonnie Reiss,
environmentalist and former California Secretary of Education

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