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A short story

By Christina McCarthy

Copyright © Christina McCarthy

(Published by Smashwords)

Luciano’s Garden of Delights.

Maggie didn’t know what to do. A stone had taken the place where her heart had once been. Her head was sore, her neck stiff and tense. And it wasn’t PMS. She knew that. She was just fed up that was all!

She was sick! Sick of being blamed for everything! Surely, some of it was his fault? Surely! Nothing could be just one person’s fault.

She had her weaknesses, she knew. But he was never happy. No matter how she tried, there was always something wrong. Never a day went by without him blaming her for something, whether it was sloppiness in housework, being too fat or too old or too boring in the bedroom. She had put up with his accusations and condemnation now for…how many years? She couldn’t remember. And maybe she couldn’t remember, because she just wanted to forget. Oh to forget! There was so much she would love to forget.

Maggie would walk. She didn’t know where. It didn’t seem to matter.

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