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Crazy Stupid

By AJ Dixon

Copyright ©2011 by Alexandra Dixon

Image copyright ©2011 by Alexandra Dixon


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Chapter One

Vincent stood on one side of the partially dark room, watching as everyone else had fun. Usually he'd have been the life of the party, but tonight he just wasn't up for it. Not without his best friend there.

He wasn't going to kid himself into thinking that Zachary, the only other person who knew him as well as he knew himself, didn't mean the world to him. And that thought made his chest ache. Zach was probably off in some bathroom in school somewhere banging some slut from the cheer leading team.

Vincent ran a furious hand through his already tousled ash blonde hair and huffed a breath. Why was he allowing Zachary to get to him? The other man was his exact opposite and so definitely not his type. And yet...he was still attracted to him.

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