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Rachel Cotterill: “It's very lighthearted and fun, considering the proportion of the time that the characters are in fear for their lives. I'll definitely look out for others in the series.”

Mark: “In all ways I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next one.”

Ryan Hopkins: “Overall, the book is a great read and any fan of the genre should check it out.”

Shannon Haddock: “What stands out the most to me in this book is the characters... They felt real, which is something I personally love in a book.”

Anna Erishkigal: “If you enjoyed the light-hearted feel of the first three Star Wars movies (IV-VI)and lamented the loss of both characterization and feel-goodedness (is that even a word?) from the latter three prequels (I-III), then you'll enjoy this book immensely.”

Agents of ISIS: Book 1


Stephen Goldin

Published by Parsina Press at Smashwords

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