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Rogue Leviathan

Praise for Rogue Crusader

"With his third novel Rogue Crusader, Qualified Submariner-turned-author John R. Monteith capstones a stunning literary hat trick of vividly cinematic technothriller suspense! With breathtaking combat and espionage action, across a canvas of continents and under the Sea, in the Air, and on Land, Monteith’s visionary tale rings as true as the U.S. Navy SEALs’ hit on Osama Bin Laden!"

 - Joe Buff, best-selling author, Seas of Crisis, Tidal Rip.

Praise for Rogue Betrayer (2007)

"After reading John R. Monteith's extraordinary debut novel, 'Rogue Avenger,' I had no idea how he was going to top his own performance. Now I know."

-Jeffrey Edwards, award-winning author of Sea of Shadows

"Easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to enjoy (even if you didn't read Rogue Avenger), Rogue Betrayer is definitely worth picking up and definitely hard to put down."

-Rob Ballister, Lead Reviewer, Military Writers Society of America

Praise for Rogue Avenger (2005)

"Rogue Avenger is such a stunning action thriller that I devoured it all in one gigantic and delicious bite! John R. Monteith is a rare talent indeed, with a commanding 'been there, done that' knowledge of high-stakes submarine warfare and brilliantly Byzantine world geopolitics."

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