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Anvil of Tears

Sword of Dreams

Hammer of Time

Forged: 4 Reforged short stories

The Dead Beat (a short story serial)

volumes 1 - 3

In the House of Five Dragons

By Aron Christensen: (nonfiction)

My Guide to RPG Storytelling

My Storytelling Guide Supplement

For a church dedicated to the worship of death, the Cult of Nihil stubbornly refuses to die. When word reaches the bounty hunter who calls himself Logan Coldhand that the Central World Alliance is willing to pay for members of the congregation, he takes the job. Perhaps chasing death will help him recapture the thrill of the hunt, lost ever since the mark that got away.

Halfway across the galaxy, Maeve and the rest of the Blue Phoenix crew are still struggling to rebuild their lives after a devastating encounter with the Nihilists. But when Captain Myles agrees to take on what should be a simple job – flying a team of archeologists to the remote planet of Prianus – they find themselves pitted against old enemies and ancient terrors.


Prologue: Whetstones

Chapter 1: Underground

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