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Mary heard the cry coming from the baby monitor and stumbled out of bed to go to Bethany. She had slept through the night for two full months, and now was back to waking up at 2:00 and again at 6:00. She was going to be thrilled when she could sleep through the night again.

She picked Bethany up and changed her diaper, talking to her in a soothing voice as she cried. She opened the top of her nightgown and sank down into the glider rocker that took up one corner of the nursery. She put Bethany to her breast and she quieted immediately.

Mary rolled her neck and rested her head against the back of the chair. She closed her eyes and thought back to how things had been for her just a year before.

She had been seven months pregnant, homeschooling her six year old and starting to teach her four year old to read. She’d done everything she could to be the perfect wife. She had dinner on the table when her husband walked in the door every night. Her house was always spotless and her boys were well-behaved. She knew she wasn’t perfect, but she tried. She’d been better at being a wife and a mother than she’d ever been at anything in her life.

It came as a huge shock to her when one evening her husband of eight years, John, had simply not come home from work. She called his cell phone repeatedly and received no answer.

Finally, the following morning, he’d called. “Pack up my things. I’m moving in with my girlfriend.”

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